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Place intelligent objects into your design quick as a flash

Save time and prevent errors
In practice, a lot of time is lost in projects if you don’t use a central template or library, or a collection of elements. In Autodesk Revit, this element is called a ‘family’, in Inventor a ‘part’ or ‘assembly’. Think for instance of window frames, doors, stairs, lifts, machine components, light fittings, underfloor heating, etc. Creating these elements is not just time-consuming, but also rather prone to error.

Faster and better modelling than ever
With such a handy library, you have intelligent objects available to you which you can use in a quick and easy manner in your design or model for architecture, building industry and installation technology, or mechanical and plant engineering. Since you don’t have to create any families, parts or assemblies yourself, you can model faster and better than ever!

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Since you don’t have to create any families, parts or assemblies yourself, you can model faster and better than ever!

Roxanne van der Linden Account Manager - Cadac Group Professional Resources Roxanne van der Linden

The advantages of content libraries

USP Increase your returns

Increase your returns

Increase your rate of production, and achieve the shortest possible lead times, at lowest cost.

USP Reduce your project risk

Reduce your project risk

Retain the quality of your information in the model.

USP Continuity across all stages

Continuity across all stages

The next party in the chain can continue with your model straight away.


Prevent problems with high-quality content

In practice, we see that with deadlines approaching, a fast and easy solution is chosen. Elements, families and parts are not set up properly in the model, which leaves the 3D model unstructured and unreliable.

This is a recipe for problems later, during the design, construction or production process. Think for instance of drawing relevant information from the model during a later stage; the amounts and quantities can then no longer be calculated properly.

To keep your model well-structured even with deadlines approaching, it is better for you to choose to create the content well in the first place. If that doesn’t work due to a shortage of capacity or knowledge, we will be pleased to help you with this!

Creating content yourself

We offer you several suitable solutions for content, templates and libraries.

  • A quick start with our Cadac Suites
    You can start operating straight away with the libraries in our integral total solutions Cadac TheModus Suite for Revit and Cadac NXTdim Suite for Inventor.
  • Content creation training
    During Revit Content Creation training, you will learn to construct parametric families in Revit. When you change a parameter (or variable), the model will automatically adjust.

Content creation by our professionals

We will be pleased to help you to create your personalized library. Together we identify your wishes and specifications, whereupon our experts start creating the template and library.

Our draftsmen and consultants are completely up-to-date with the latest developments in your sector and very skilled in developing applications in 3D software. But then we do have years of experience with the development of (tailor-made) libraries for leading customers such as Hertek, Kahn Jumbo, Philips Lighting, Otis and MBG.

Tailor-made for you

You cannot cope with standard solutions?  Or you manufacture specific products which cannot be captured in a general library? Prevent limitations and choose completely tailor-made content.

  • No knowledge of formula-driven geometry or the creation of smart content required.
  • No knowledge of Dutch Revit Standard (DRS), NEN standards or other market developments required.
  • Save time constructing your own library.
  • Don’t pay for any functionalities you don’t actually use.
  • Determine yourself which components and functionalities are developed in your template or library, completely compliant with the standards you need (e.g. DRS, IFC and STEP).
  • Prevent subscription costs payable every year.
  • Simply undertake the management, maintenance and expansion of templates and families yourself.
  • Make your families available (online), also to marketing and sales.

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