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How can you quickly implement a new approach? How can you create support among employees? We prefer a three-step approach; transferring knowledge, organizing the on-site work environment, and establishing a real project.

Motivation and momentum
This applied approach gives you and your colleagues the opportunity to practice using relevant components. Once the project has been set up, the group can start working in this new environment. This is very motivating and helps build momentum. This helps everyone cross the threshold more quickly, under the expert guidance of our consultants.

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You probably don't work on time-consuming implementations every day. We do, and you get to reap the benefits.

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Benefits Cadac Group Consultancy

USP Experts in every sector

Experts in every sector

You can rely on a consultant who speaks your language, understands your projects, and is aware of the latest developments in your sector.

USP Highly-educated and experienced

Highly-educated and experienced

You can count on getting the professional support you need.

USP Hands-on approach

Hands-on approach

Our consultants have a hands-on mentality and combine your strategic goals with a practical, standardized approach.

USP More than just experts

More than just experts

The consultants at Cadac Group not only look at a project's goals, they also help generate support within the team for the best possible results.

USP Together, we'll get started quickly

Together, we'll get started quickly

You can count on us to quickly adapt to your way of doing things. We know your sector and we reinforce the individual and collective qualities of your team.

USP Standardized approach

Standardized approach

We ensure that your team get started quickly and efficiently.


A standardized approach designed with your project in mind

How can your team quickly and efficiently get started with the new automation solution? Our consultants apply a standardized approach to avoid common pitfalls and to generate enthusiasm throughout your team.

We offer a new approach, new design software, or a new data management solution that extends beyond the design room. Improving cooperation and reducing failure costs in all disciplines are equally important challenges. Our consultants not only implement change, they also aim for widespread acceptance. We guarantee faster adaptation by encouraging all involved to take a pragmatic approach to real projects under our expert supervision.

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Our consultants are specialists in their fields

Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Architecture, Engineering and Construction

How will you participate in the new economy? BIM 360 applications will have an impact on your entire organization. Sharing and managing digital designs is becoming essential. Our consultants will support your organization in the transition to a new approach.



In addition to automation solutions, a new way of thinking is essential to improving production efficiency and reducing failure costs. Our approach paired with our Cadac NXTdim Suite offer an all-in solution.

Process, Power and Marine

Process, Power and Marine

If your daily work involves extremely complex onshore and offshore engineering projects, having standardized, reliable, and efficient design and management solutions is essential to your industry. Thankx to our consultants you gain more control over each phase for the entire life cycle of your assets.

Government authorities

Government authorities

Infrastructure issues and new BGT and BRK requirements call for a new approach based on geo-information technology. The consultants at Cadac Group take care of everything, from advice to implementation and acceptance.

Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management

Cadac Group is an authorized Autodesk software asset management partner. Our approach will improve the way you manage your licences and software, which can lead to significant annual cost savings.

Project Management

Project Management

Our senior project managers ensure the optimum implementation of your document management or migration process. They mediate between you and Cadac Group and ensure that the implementation proceeds as smoothly as possible, within the established framework.

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Digitisation is in full swing in the manufacturing industry, construction and government. The way you design, build and operate is changing radically. Our experts help you embrace this digital transformation. We enable you to enter a new phase of growth. So that you are ready for the future. Whatever it brings. 

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