3D Scanning

Create intelligent 3D data super-fast to form the basis of your design

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The basis for an accurate model

The use of 3D laser scanning is becoming more and more popular in various industries. There's good reason for this, since it allows you to capture information faster and more accurately than ever. It forms the basis for an accurate model of an as-built situation.

Technology like virtual reality means your team, customers and clients really get to experience the result.


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 In no time at all, you get reliable data to use as a basis for the next stages of the design process.

Maurice Laumen Senior Account Manager - Architecture, Engineering & Construction Maurice Laumen

Advantages of 3D scanning

USP Short lead times

Short lead times

Time savings in contrast to taking and recording measurements by hand provide for faster lead times for your projects.

USP Broad scope

Broad scope

3D scanning can be used across all industries, from architectural, civil engineering or mechanical engineering projects through to plant design applications.

USP Never forget a measurement again

Never forget a measurement again

You will never have to go back to a building or project because you have forgotten to take a measurement.

USP Integration with Autodesk solutions

Integration with Autodesk solutions

Effortlessly import the output from 3D scanning systems into a range of Autodesk solutions as a basis for further design.

USP Extremely accurate and super-fast

Extremely accurate and super-fast

Capture measurement details for an entire building to within 2 millimetres of accuracy in the space of a couple of hours. The job of taking measurements manually can take days.

USP Cost savings

Cost savings

Save not only in man hours, but also failure costs.


Designing directly in the as-built environment

The 3D scanner allows you to capture x,y,z coordinates in a point cloud at very high speed. In this way, measurement data can be taken for millions of points per second at distances of up to 330 metres. The scanner not only captures measurement point data, but also takes photographic images giving each measurement point a colour value, in this way creating a true-to-life image of the object.

Whether it's a machine, technical system or components, entire buildings, structures, bridges and landscapes, 3D scanning can be used across disciplines. It is ideal for mapping an existing situation, forming the basis for intelligent 3D CAD design. So, you no longer need to start from a blank sheet, instead you design directly in the existing environment and context. This fast and affordable solution not only produces time savings, but also avoids failure costs.

Real-life examples

Before refurbishing the magnificent old post office building in Ghent, the future tenant wanted to get an idea of how it would look once the work was complete. There were very few drawings available of the post office, or they were outdated. We did a 3D scan of the building and the environment and produced a Revit model to show the whole building in detail.

This model was further enhanced by adding materials and colours. It was then a simple matter to show this virtual model in combination with the current situation on the ground. As a result of this augmented reality technique, potential tenants could get a better impression of the expected end result than had been possible up to that point. Not only did this mean the tenancy went ahead, but implementation was also much easier.


We make sure you get your project off the ground quicker with better end results

We have more than 30 years of experience in constantly ensuring our solutions and services keep pace with the latest innovations and developments in your specialism. As a result, our experts are uniquely placed to help with 3D scanning, from scan to model, and have been successfully doing this with leading organisations for many years. We use our specialist expertise to ensure you get your project off the ground quicker with better end results.

Outsourcing from scan to model

We will be happy to help you with the whole process from scan through to BIM or CAD model, of a product or machine, right up to accurately scanning entire buildings. Save time and costs and avoid errors due to manual measurements. Together with our highly regarded 3D scanning partners, our experts arrange the on-site 3D scan and turn the point cloud into an exceptionally useful 3D model.

Choosing a scanning partner

Choosing a scanning partner

We work with various 3D scanning partners, and together with you will choose the best one for your project.



Based on technical boundary conditions, the scanning partner will migrate the scans to a point cloud.

Editing point clouds

Editing point clouds

We clean up and edit the point cloud in Autodesk Recap.

3D modelling

3D modelling

Based on the point cloud we create a full 3D model, suitable for use in Inventor or Revit for example.



We provide you with the original scans, point cloud and the 3D model in Inventor or Revit.

3D scanning software

Would you prefer to work on point clouds and develop models yourself?

The leading ReCap software from Autodesk allows you to effortlessly convert all 3D scanning data into a reliable, cleaned 3D ReCap model. This model will then work seamlessly with Autodesk Revit, Inventor or other CAD software so that you can carry out further editing, create simulations and/or visualisations or combine it with other models, e.g. using Navisworks.

The best tools for your 3D scanning workflows

ReCap Pro

Autodesk Recap allows designers, engineers, and builders to integrate reality capture data into their design and building process.

  • Time savings
  • Design in-context
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With Revit you speed up the design process considerably and create the most beautiful 3D visualizations for BIM workflows.

  • Minimize costs of failure
  • Collaboration
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Inventor Professional

Inventor Professional is the center of an connected product development ecosystem that enables you to make great products with professional grade engineering solutions.

  • Increase productivity
  • Digital Prototyping
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Navisworks helps enabling coordination, construction simulation, and whole-project analysis for integrated project review.

  • Minimize costs of failure
  • Collaboration
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Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection

One essential set of BIM tools for building design, civil infrastructure, and construction.

  • Increase productivity
  • Time savings
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Product Design & Manufacturing Collection

One essential set of design and engineering tools for product and factory design.

  • Increase productivity
  • Digital Prototyping
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