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Manage your BIM process from conception to implementation

Minimize project risks, improve quality, increase efficiency, and reduce costs!
BIM is one of the most revolutionary and impressive innovations in the history of the construction industry, with countless advantages, optimization potential, and opportunities. Autodesk Revit facilitates this and TheModus Suite takes care of the rest!

Responsibility, standardization, and consistency
For BIM to work effectively, it's important to assign the right people the right responsibilities and ensure an optimum process, from conception to implementation. The basis is formed by using the right standards, smart building components, and consistent information. The consistency of the information should be checked to make sure it meets the client's needs: easy access and immediate graphic conversion in Revit. Take control of your BIM models and BIM processes with TheModus Suite!

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TheModus Suite allows you to make each step in the building process faster, more efficient, and cost-effective.

Bjorn Ramaekers Product Manager - Architecture, Engineering & Construction Bjorn Ramaekers

Benefits Cadac TheModus Suite

USP Optimize your design

Optimize your design

Check whether your design meets the client's specifications or use productivity tools to work more quickly and more efficiently.

USP Minimize project risks

Minimize project risks

By checking your models for consistency during the process, you can reduce your overall project risks and become a reliable partner for your clients.

USP Master the 'i' in BIM

Master the 'i' in BIM

The effectiveness of a BIM model depends on the quality of the information in the model. With TheModus Suite, the quality of your information translates into added value for you!

USP Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency

TheModus Suite will increase your efficiency by helping you complete high-quality projects in the shortest possible time at the lowest rates!

USP Reduce your project time

Reduce your project time

Significantly reduce your project time with our efficient solutions. Use our smart Revit Families and the partnership platform for fast and effective communication.

USP Connect to the technology of market leaders

Connect to the technology of market leaders

We use Revit and Microsoft technology to facilitate the continuity of all phases in the BIM process. This helps the next party in the chain pick up where you left off in the BIM model.


Multidisciplinary platform based on proved technology

TheModus Suite is a cloud-based platform for architects, consultancy and engineering firms, contractors, and installers that use Autodesk Revit.

TheModus Suite offers perfect solutions for creating, documenting, reporting, and analysing BIM models. This helps you work more efficiently with construction partners and clients, and allows you to link TheModus Suite to the software packages used by third parties.

Standard Suite: Getting started with BIM

TheModus Suite Standard is ideal for installers, advisors and building managers that want to connect their familiar 2D or 3D AutoCAD environment with BIM. With proven solutions Nordined and Techline in the Standard Suite you can create and manage your installations effortlessly and directly in AutoCAD.

Techline offers additional 3D design functionality for installers and installation advisors. Techline is ideal for the development of technical rooms and shafts, in which the coordination of installations is extremely important. In addition, you can generate any realistic view or section from a 3D model in an instant.


Premium Suite: Optimize your BIM projects

This suite is the perfect solution for creating, documenting, reporting, and analysing BIM models for architects, advisers, engineers, contractors, and installers who use Autodesk Revit.

The Premium Suite facilitates an efficient partnership with your construction partners and clients. Modellers can speed up their design process by using productivity tools and process tools, integrated with proven market solutions. All stakeholders can easily share information in a user-friendly and uniform way. You can also draft structural reports on all necessary information and analyse it based on the requirements, norms, standards of your client.

Ultimate Suite: Get the most out of BIM

The Ultimate Suite helps you achieve the highest possible production and efficiency levels.

With TheModus Documentation, you can document your BIM projects and instantly generate plot-ready sales, construction, installation, or production drawings for individual and multiple components, or your entire BIM model. TheModus Center-of-Gravity helps you analyse individual components or merge multiple components in your BIM model so you can visualize the exact location of your centre of gravity.


Cadac TheModus Suite Cadac TheModus Suite

Key features for your BIM projects

TheModus Suite contains the following solutions for faster, more efficient, and higher-quality BIM projects.

Benefit from intelligent features

TheModus Center of Gravity

Quickly and easily determine the centre of gravity of one or more objects in your Revit model.

  • Time savings
  • Minimize costs of failure
  • Also available separately
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TheModus Content Configurator

Quickly create complex and well-constructed BIM content with the right parameters.

  • Time savings
  • Minimize costs of failure
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TheModus Documentation

Quickly generate clear work drawings, presentation drawings, maps, installation plans, and tender drawings in Revit.

  • Time savings
  • Standardization
  • Also available separately
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TheModus Electrical Schemes

Automatically create installation and block schemes in Revit based on your BIM model.

  • Time savings
  • Avoid mistakes
  • Also available separately
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TheModus Enhanced Productivity Tools

Speed up your design and engineering processes with our productivity tools.

  • Time savings
  • Avoid mistakes
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TheModus Model Extender

With the Model Extender, you can make even the most inconsistent BIM models valuable and reliable sources of information, which are then perfect for use by your chain partners.

  • Time savings
  • Collaboration
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TheModus Structural Opening Request

Quickly find openings in your Revit model or in a collection of BIM models from different partners or project disciplines.

  • Time savings
  • Collaboration
  • Also available separately
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Choose the edition that’s right for you

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Document & Report

Our proven project approach ensures a successful implementation

Meet and share knowledge

Meet and share knowledge

You get to know us, and we share our knowledge with you. 

Start-up Phase

Start-up Phase

Together, we look at what solutions best meet your goals.

Initiation Phase

Initiation Phase

We map the entire project, the milestones, and the approach.

Implementation phase

Implementation phase

We take clear steps towards an effective implementation of your solution.

Maintenance and support phase

Maintenance and support phase

The solution is up and running. Together, we ensure that it’s efficiently managed and maintained.

More about our approach

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Get more out of BIM with the Cadac Organice Suite

In addition to the Cadac TheModus Suite, we often recommend the Cadac Organice Suite to users. When you manage large and complex projects on a daily basis, the Cadac Organice Suite is the comprehensive solution for managing and sharing documents. It is with good reason that we call the Cadac Organice Suite the leading engineering collaboration solution based on Microsoft SharePoint and Autodesk Vault.

Project-driven engineering companies around the world use the Cadac Organice Suite with great success. It is the ultimate suite for the management of project documents, CAD drawings, workflows, and document release and distribution. Our software is based on more than 30 years of experience in the engineering industry and is available as an on-premise, cloud, and hybrid solution.

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