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From inconsistent model to reliable source of information

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The BIM model as a data carrier for chain partners

The right information for the right person
Besides designers, engineers, and construction supervisors, clients and building managers are also increasingly becoming involved in the BIM process. For this reason, it is becoming more and more important to set up a BIM model that contains the right information for the right person in every phase in a structured manner. In this regard, the BIM model is increasingly serving as a data carrier towards the next steps in the BIM process. This could include the extraction of correct quantities for calculations, the structured classification for the purposes of planning, or the addition of WBS information to the model.

Make your BIM information work for you
More and more parties are therefore using their BIM models for a multitude of applications throughout the process. But how do you get the desired information out of the model, add information to the model, or classify this information? And how can you execute this in a structured manner and in accordance with the specified standards? What is the quality of the information in the model and how can you ensure that this information links up optimally with your processes and software solutions? TheModus Model Extender offers a solution for all these issues!

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TheModus Model Extender offers the perfect connection between your BIM model and Facility Management, Calculation, Planning, and ERP systems.

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Advantages of TheModus Model Extender

USP Organise your BIM data

Organise your BIM data

Create order in your BIM chaos by adding structure and standardised information or by changing your model by means of an intuitive user interface.

USP Standardise your BIM model

Standardise your BIM model

Define the standards of your BIM model yourself with TheModus Model Extender. So you can classify and code your model simply, irrespective of the construction standards you apply. 

USP Share BIM data

Share BIM data

Extract your BIM information and collate it in a structured manner in an xml file with the export function. This file can be linked and exchanged with third-party software. Import modified data directly back in your BIM model. 

USP Connect BIM with Planon FM

Connect BIM with Planon FM

The Model Extender is fully 'Planon ready'. This greatly shortens the period of transition from execution to implementation.

USP Connect BIM data using COBie Lite

Connect BIM data using COBie Lite

The Model Extender is fully compliant with COBie Lite, so you can transfer the information with just one touch of a button.

USP Intuitive and user-friendly interface

Intuitive and user-friendly interface

The Model Extender is structured with a very intuitive and user-friendly user interface. Both the BIM model tree and the information linked with the BIM model are visible in the interface.


Let the Model Extender work for you

The Model Extender equips a BIM model with valuable and applicable information in a structured, surveyable, and user-friendly manner. With the Model Extender, you can make even the most inconsistent BIM models valuable and reliable sources of information, which are perfect for use by your chain partners.

With the Model Extender, it is simple to link a BIM model to an FM system such as Planon. You export data from your BIM model to almost any programme that can receive files according to a certain xml structure. This could include making links with solutions for multi-year maintenance plans and budgets, and programmes for estimates, scheduling, and linking your project WBS. Another option is to create links with various ERP systems. It is also possible to feed information from a third-party system back into the BIM model. This information can then overwrite existing parameter values or create new parameters with corresponding values.

A never-ending information cycle

In every phase of a BIM-project, both before and after the transfer, information can be added to and extracted from a BIM model. TheModus Model Extender facilitates this never-ending flow of information, making sure you have access to the desired and most reliable information at all times. This allows you to make correct and well-considered decisions.

Model Extender for design and engineering

The Model Extender gives architects, engineers, and advisers the opportunity to prepare BIM models optimally for the other chain partners, allowing you to offer clear added value to your clients and construction partners.

The Model Extender allows you to add consistent information to your model. This could include clear spatial and zone information, information about used materials (brand, type, etc.), and possibly Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) for planning applications. In the past it simply took too much time to add this information. Now, with one press of a button, you can also modify the language of the information and parameters in your model, based on your own table. Your BIM model can also easily be linked with FM solutions such as Planon.


Model Extender for execution

DBFMO - or Design, Build, Finance, Maintain and Operate - projects are increasingly being applied in various combinations. In these projects, the M (maintain) and the O (operate) are increasingly being included in the Schedule of Requirements. To this end, a certain information structure is desired in the BIM model. Model Extender allows you to create a clear information structure.

If you also frequently work with certain standards, such as NLSfb, DRS, or RVB, the Quick Start functionality offers many advantages. Model Extender checks the entire model literally at the touch of a button, and where possible the right information is automatically added in line with the standard.

Model Extender for maintenance and operation

The Model Extender allows you to extract information about maintenance and operation very simply and in line with your standard or the required standard from the model, including a drawing of the floor plan of the building. This considerably shortens the transfer time.

With the Model Extender you can publish the right information in your building management and FM system, directly after receiving the key from the contractor! The operational data that changes during the use of your building or housing supply will be directly put back into the BIM model. In this way, your model remains up to date with the latest reliable information. If a BIM model needs to be geometrically modified because you want to convert two spaces into one, you (or a facilitating party) can make the modification in the model yourself. You then export the modified data back into your FM solution with just one press of a button. This way, the information is kept up to date for all chain partners!


Model Extender for the client

As a client, you want to receive a BIM model that contains the right information in the form in which you use it in your FM system for maintenance and operation. Our TheModus Model Extender simply extracts all the necessary information from the BIM model and makes this available for every software solution.

Besides information on maintenance and operation, it is also possible to extract property information, lettable floor space, let apartments or spaces, information about tenants, etc. from the model. All this information can be added to a BIM model and then made available to a property management system, for example.

Get even more out of the Model Extender with Cadac TheModus Suite!

Cadac Group has developed the Cadac TheModus Suite, allowing you to get even more out of your digital design. This suite combines all the software you need to create, manage, and share the digital design information for your building projects.

Cadac's TheModus Suite is specifically geared towards the construction industry and the complex processes that arise due to the large number of parties and specialists involved. The Building Information Model is central to our approach. The software solutions in our TheModus Suite for architecture, construction, and installation technology can be used with any large-scale project and are fully compatible with Autodesk products.

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