Autodesk TheModus Electrical Schemes 2019

Instantly generate electrotechnical schemes based on BIM informtion

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Use your BIM information and save time

When designing a BIM model, you accumulate a lot of information about various electrical components. This information is extremely useful for generating block diagrams and e-diagrams without a manual drawing.

TheModus Electrical Schemes supports Revit modellers in developing a block scheme and an e-scheme. A scheme is generated based on all available information in just a few easy steps. Electrical Schemes saves modellers time and work.

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The ideal solution for generating block and installation schemes in Revit based on your BIM model.

Desmond Laeyendecker Business Development Manager - Architecture, Engineering & Construction Desmond Laeyendecker


USP Save time

Save time

No more manual drawing required.

USP Prevent mistakes

Prevent mistakes

Receive automatic change notifications.

USP Independent of working method

Independent of working method

This add-in always works. It doesn't matter which add-ins or drawing tools you use in Revit.


Always up to date

With this handy Revit add-in, you can create quick block and e-schemes for distribution boards based on all available information in the BIM model. With this tool you will save a lot of time and manual labour.

TheModus Electrical Schemes is available for all Revit users, irrespective of the add-ins or drawing tools used in Revit. Electrical Schemes is a completely independent solution.

Available individually or in an affordable suite

In TheModus Suite, we have developed a package that helps you get more out of your digital design. This suite combines all the software you need to create, manage, and share the digital design information for your building projects and BIM.

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