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Finite element analysis and modeling software

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Complete and robust mechanical simulation solution

Autodesk Simulation Mechanical software, powered by Autodesk Nastran, provides a wide range of accurate mechanical simulation capabilities to help you predict product performance, optimize designs, and validate product behavior before manufacturing.

Autodesk Simulation Mechanical enables users to utilize a highly accurate, industry-tested, general-purpose finite element solver to run comprehensive multiphysics simulations with other Autodesk products. Supporting multi-CAD environments, Simulation Mechanical provides flexibility in simulating CAD models in various formats. Integrated with the comprehensive Digital Prototyping solution offered by Autodesk, Simulation Mechanical brings finite element analysis (FEA) to all designers, engineers, and analysts to help them make great products.

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Accurately predict product behavior, optimize designs, and validate digital prototypes before manufacturing

Ernst-Jan Huijbers General Sales Director - Cadac Group Holding Ernst-Jan Huijbers

Benefits of Simulation Mechanical

USP A wide range of material models

A wide range of material models

Support for a wide range of linear and nonlinear materials allows for better understanding of the real-world behavior of products.

USP Combine multiple physical effects

Combine multiple physical effects

Advanced simulation setup is made easier through the use of standard engineering terminology, visual process guidance, and user-friendly tools and wizards that automate the transfer of simulation results between multiple analyses—focusing designers, engineers, and analysts on product performance, rather than advanced numerical or simulation methods.

USP Collaborate in a multi-CAD environment

Collaborate in a multi-CAD environment

Manufacturers often create and share designs in multiple CAD software tools, making it difficult to integrate engineering simulation tools into an existing design process without requiring significant and costly changes. Autodesk Simulation Mechanical software supports efficient workflows in today’s multi-CAD environment by providing direct geometry exchange and full associativity with Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER, PTC Creo, and other software.

Autodesk Simulation Mechanical overview

Perform accurate simulations efficiently

Simulation enables critical engineering decisions to be made earlier in the design process. With Autodesk Simulation Mechanical, part of the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping, engineers and analysts can have a simulation solution that allows them to study initial design intent more easily, and then more accurately predict the performance of a complete digital prototype.

When working with CAD geometry, automatic meshing tools produce high-quality elements on the first pass—ensuring simulation accuracy within the areas of greatest engineering concern, and helping to predict product performance in less time. Built-in modeling capabilities enable designers, engineers, and analysts to edit the mesh directly to help with the accurate placement of loads and constraints or to create simplified geometry for proof-of-concept studies. In addition to increasing productivity through modeling flexibility, designers, engineers, and analysts can quickly validate concepts before resources are invested in significant design changes or new products.

Simulate more, reduce errors, and optimize designs

Necessary design changes become more apparent when a product’s real-world environment is fully simulated, but computationally intensive analyses can be both time- and resourceintensive.

Robust solvers in Autodesk Simulation Mechanical software utilize the power of all available computing resources for local or cloud solves, enabling designers, engineers, and analysts to study more realistic digital prototypes in a practical amount of time.


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