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Reality Computing

Capture and integrate reality data directly into your design process with ReCap and ReCap 360 reality capture software and services. ReCap and ReCap 360 work with Autodesk design and creation suites, so you can start your design, your renovation, or your retrofit work with accurate 3D scanning data and full photo-quality context.

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Design in-context with accurate dimensions.

Maurice Laumen Senior Account Manager - Architecture, Engineering & Construction Maurice Laumen

Benefits of Autodesk ReCap

USP Advanced Measurement

Advanced Measurement

Measurement is a snap with smart measurement tools.

USP Advanced Annotation

Advanced Annotation

Enhance the value of your point cloud project with tags, notes, pictures and hyperlinks.

USP Search


Quickly find marked objects, assets, saved views and project tools with advanced search utilities.


Integrate reality capture data into your designs

The Autodesk ReCap portfolio is at the forefront of Reality Computing with a large family of products and services that allows designers, engineers, and builders to integrate reality capture data into their design and building process. Utilizing laser scans or photographs, ReCap jumpstarts designs by transforming the real world into as-built 3D data that can be used with other Autodesk products such as Revit, AutoCAD, Civil 3D, 3ds Max or Inventor.

Capture: Begin with the real world

Integrating reality data into your projects begins with capturing physical objects and spaces around you. ReCap works with data and images collected from laser scanners or digital cameras.

Photography is an easy way to document physical objects and spaces quickly. Laser scanning accelerates the process by registering while you scan. With ReCap, survey processes now take only hours instead of days or months.

Capture with Autodesk ReCap

Explore the new Autodesk ReCap 360 Portfolio

Compute: Design with the advantage of reality

Whether you’re working in a laser-based or photo-based workflow, the ReCap family of products and services easily translates your reality capture data into meaningful and reliable 3D information that integrates seamlessly with Autodesk software.

Begin your design process with true dimensions and full photo-quality context instead of starting from scratch. Manipulate reality-based models into a new design to analyze or use it to simulate real-world behavior.

Create: Deliver your results to the real world

The last leg of Reality Computing is the delivery of captured and modified reality data back in the physical world.

This can be accomplished digitally (using project visualizations or augmented reality) or physically (using 3D printing, machine-controlled earthworks, and other digital fabrication techniques).

Create with Autodesk ReCap 360

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