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Quickly and easily make your own product or sales configurator in Autodesk Inventor

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The fastest transition from design to production

Produce customized products with fewer mistakes
As an engineer-to-order (ETO) organization, you produce customized products for your clients. You are constantly challenged to produce more quickly at lower costs, while the demand for specific solutions is becoming increasingly complex. With our product and sales configurator solutions you can easily overcome these challenges in Autodesk Inventor.

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No prior programming knowledge is required and you can have your first configurator up and running within ten days with NXTdim Configurator.

Pim Saarloos Product Manager - Manufacturing Pim Saarloos

Benefits of NXTdim Configurator

USP 80% time savings in the draughting room

80% time savings in the draughting room

Save time through standardization and automation.

USP Use forms to generate Autodesk Inventor models

Use forms to generate Autodesk Inventor models

Enter the right information and dimensions in a handy input screen and generate the corresponding Inventor model.

USP Effortlessly configure settings

Effortlessly configure settings

Quickly configure settings using handy tools.

USP Get started in ten days

Get started in ten days

Thanks to our standardized approach, you can quickly create a configurator for a standard product.

USP Extra iLogic functionality

Extra iLogic functionality

With NXTdim Configurator, you are adding powerful functionalities to iLogic. Available directly in Inventor.

USP No prior programming knowledge necessary

No prior programming knowledge necessary

As an Inventor user, making a configurator is easy and requires no prior programming knowledge.

Getting started with configurators

Getting started with a parametric CAD configurator may seem tricky, and we often see a natural learning curve. The simplest 2D parametric configurator can be designed in AutoCAD. Make your first 3D configurator using iAssemblie and iLogic. Our NXTdim Configurator tools and training programme help you do more, more easily and more quickly, all under the professional guidance of our experts.


Control Inventor models with a simple input form

While there's no such thing as a standard order, certain products can be standardized successfully. With our NXTdim Configurator, you can easily convert all of your options, dimensions, and product features into a form or configurator. If you would like to offer your clients more than just a standard product, simply modify the configuration with a few clicks of the mouse. Your Inventor model will be adjusted automatically.

Configure settings in just ten days

If you want to start using configurators but don't have any experience, no problem! We used our years of experience and expertise to develop a unique trajectory. The first step is to discover what we have to offer during our Awareness Training. You will then build your very own configurator under the supervision of our experts in ten days – no prior programming knowledge required.


The first step. Configurator Awareness Training

If you would like to get started with configurators or learn more about the possibilities, we suggest taking our Awareness Training. In just one day, all of your questions will be answered and you will discover the best solution for your organization.

Why do I need a configurator?
What is the difference between a sales and a product configurator?
What types of configurators are there?
Which methods are used?
Which obstacles will I encounter?
Which configurator is best for me?

Components of NXTdim Configurator Tools

Configuratoren kunnen vrij complex zijn. Gebaseerd op jaren ervaring hebben wij tooling ontwikkeld zodat u eenvoudig, direct in Inventor uw configurator opbouwt. Configurators can be quite complex. Based on years of experience we have developed tooling so you can easily build your own configurator directly into Inventor.

Dynamic Toolbar

Dynamic Toolbar

With this fully configurable and dynamic toolbar you can quickly add frequently used library components or copies to an assembly, including related drawings and documents.

Project Toolbar

Project Toolbar

These handy and time-saving options allow you to edit, copy, and clean assemblies, project data, and projects.

Our approach ensures that you get the most out of the NXTdim Configurator.

Lunch & learn

Lunch & learn

We frequently invite companies to get to know our NXTdim tools during a morning session. This will teach you about the key features and help you determine whether they can help you design more quickly and more efficiently.

The start-up phase of your project

The start-up phase of your project

NXTdim Configurator is a combination of tools and solutions. We have therefore organized a special Configurator awareness session just for you. In just one day, all of your questions will be answered and you will discover the best solution for your organization. We can also organize a live experience to give you and your colleagues an impression of how NXTdim Configurator will work in your company with your processes. This way, you'll know exactly what you're saying yes to.

Initiation phase

Initiation phase

NXTdim can help optimize your design process in various ways. Depending on your goals and objectives, we can determine the concrete project approach, the milestones, and the deliverables.

Implementation phase

Implementation phase

We need to understand your process in order to ensure quick implementation. We often work on location and employ the best consultants for your project. Not only do we implement the software, we also develop a working methodology for the best possible results.

Maintenance and support phase

Maintenance and support phase

After delivery, you begin a new phase of your design process. Experience has taught us that forming clear agreements about maintenance and support allows you to benefit the most from new solutions. To that end, we offer our customers various collaboration capabilities. Many customers also join specific user groups.

More about our approach

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