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The link between construction and production

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A direct solution with long-term results

Respond to trends and challenges
Both the architectural and mechanical engineering sectors are currently facing a number of challenges: complex product designs and construction projects, shorter project lead times and reduced margins. It is important that buildings and products are flexible and sustainable and allow for monitoring of performance and maintenance.

Flexible, modular, cloud-based platform
Clients' requirements are becoming more and more diverse. Cadac Modules Suite is a new solution that helps to optimise your time-consuming, error-prone but crucial process phases. With Cadac Modules Suite you can design more effectively and produce more efficiently during the execution and production phase. Cadac Modules Suite has put an end to the Babel-like confusion that can arise between the application of objects in a BIM environment and producing the object.

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With Cadac Modules Suite you have a very powerful cloud platform at your disposal, which is the link between construction and production

Desmond Laeyendecker Business Development Manager - Architecture, Engineering & Construction Desmond Laeyendecker

Cadac Modules Suite Benefits

USP Optimum collaboration

Optimum collaboration

Upload your 3D project information to the cloud and manage, share and view from any device. Having all project information in one place offers better access and control. 

USP The right component every time

The right component every time

Effortlessly configure 3D-CAD components and load them into Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Inventor and create low-geometric BIM content that is capable of managing your production. 

USP Control on component level

Control on component level

Every one of your model's components is clearly arranged so you can assess and release them for production or order. 

USP Track & Trace

Track & Trace

Follow the model's components virtually and in the physical world, from production to assembly on the construction site.

USP Mix & Match

Mix & Match

You can create your own personal Cadac Modules yourself. You therefore only pay for the software that you actually need.

USP Sustainable investment

Sustainable investment

The various Modules can be exchanged or adjusted individually, at any time and according to your needs.

Support for a continuous, ongoing process

With Cadac Modules Suite, you have an innovative Cloud platform that gives you access, oversight and control over the course of your projects from start to finish. Cadac Modules Suite currently consists of four modules that can be used from project initiation to renovation, recycling or demolition.

An intelligent, total solution for BIM and modular building

Modular building is the way to address the current challenges in the construction industry. By building in a modular fashion, you can achieve costly process optimisation and save time. With Cadac Modules Suite, you can reduce project risks and catch them earlier in the process so that changes take less time and cost less money. The Museum of the Future in Dubai is an excellent example of this.


BAM & Cadac add new dimension with configuration platform to digitize the building process

Product-oriented thinking with real-time Track & Trace

By not considering a structure as a whole, but as a sum of components, each component receives the attention it needs. By looking at a structure in this way, the whole drawing need not be approved due to convenience or time pressure. With Cadac Modules Suite, you can give products the attention they need and reduce your project risk.

This approach also makes it possible to extract correct quantities from the BIM model and then purchase or have them produced. You therefore have a better overview and are able to switch faster between other suppliers. By monitoring the status and location of each component, from production to delivery at the building site, you can implement your LEAN building process (supplemented with Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery) in your material management for production, transport and on the construction site.

From customisation to Configure to Order

Making offers takes a long time, development costs are expensive, agreed delivery times are seldom met and every project requires a lot of engineering due to the demand for complex customisation. In spite of this, your customers want to receive your offers more quickly and your cost price is more under pressure than ever, partly due to competition from low-wage countries.

The adoption of a Configure-to-Order working method could be the solution. In contrast to Engineering-to-Order, you only have 20% custom engineering and 80% configurable products. This means you are in a position to meet deadlines; on time and on budget.

MFG-NXTdim configurator-headerimage.jpg

Customer-specific solutions fully standardised

A configurable and modular product portfolio means that you can offer your customers optimally thought out, easily scalable products that can be kept smarter, more efficient and more selective, so that the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can be drastically reduced. Your customers can, whether or not accompanied by a sales employee (guided selling), configure their product composition.

In addition to the fact that a nicely formulated transparent quote with clear pricing is directly available for your customer, which also adjusts based on changes in the configuration, your organization will immediately have the 3D production models, various BIM-exports (Autodesk, Revit and IFC), product sheets and the Bill-of-Materials ready. The configurator is structured on the basis of your product and system knowledge, to ensure that the configured product can be produced.

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