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AutoCAD on your tablet or smartphone

Improve your productivity with the AutoCAD Mobile App. It is a user-friendly mobile draw and design application which can be used anywhere. Use AutoCAD Mobile App to show your CAD designs to your customers, employees and stakeholders without dragging around your laptop or printed copies. In addition, you can edit CAD designs or create new ones.

AutoCAD Mobile App enhances the efficiency of your projects and shortens the lead time of it. Since files can easily be found in the cloud, false documents won’t be used. Besides, your team collaboration will improve significantly as your team can easily communicate by means of remarks, specific updates and images.

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You and your team are always aware of the latest modifications in your designs. Hence, you avoid failure costs and duplication.

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Voordelen van AutoCAD Mobile App

USP Available online

Available online

Drawings in DWG files can be consulted online 24/7 by everyone and, if necessary, edited.  

USP Clear communication

Clear communication

Your team communicates faster and always has access to up-to-date documents.

USP Efficient work method

Efficient work method

You can consult, edit and create CAD documents always and everywhere. All digital, without paper.

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Connect your office and construction site

Thanks to AutoCAD Mobile your office and your construction site are directly connected with each other. The necessary up-to-date information can be shared or consulted by project leaders and constructors by smartphone. This way, communication issues and failure costs are avoided.

Often several paper copies circulate, which causes confusion among the team members. With the AutoCAD Mobile App you avoid the use of outdated documents by editing and sharing designs in the cloud. In addition, adaptations can easily be made which results in less time loss.

Convenient features

AutoCAD Mobile App contains several features. Below, you can find some examples that can simplify your workflow.

  •          Work efficient with layer management, measure and annotation tools
  •          Use GPS to synchronise your location with points on your designs
  •          Get access to several cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.
  •          No access to the internet? Work offline and synchronise your adjustments when you are online again.
  •          Design CAD forms by using the Smart Pen.

We offer two types of AutoCAD Mobile App licences. The premium and the ultimate version. Your features depend on your licence. 


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