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08 February 2019

The succes of Cadac Modules

Enabling digital. Cadac’s slogan and driving force. Therefore, Cadac is continuously working on the development of our in-house software to help the manufacturing industry, the construction industry and the government move forward and to enter a new phase of growth.

The succes of Cadac Modules

In collaboration with launching partner Royal Bam Group, Cadac Modules is developed to withstand the current challenges of the construction and manufacturing industry. Today, the demands of originators are high: tight deadlines, competitive prices and often complex constructions. Cadac Modules is a solution that helps to optimize time-consuming processes, error-prone but crucial processes and is based on Autodesk Forge.

More about Cadac Modules

Not only are we proud of our game-changing software, but also Autodesk is impressed by Cadac Modules. During the One Team Conference 2018 in Las Vegas Cadac Modules was introduced on the main stage for the first time. Other Autodesk events followed fast, and meanwhile they already published the success story of Cadac Modules on their website.

Read our succes story on Autodesk Forge

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