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03 November 2017

TaskForce - Document Collaboration

How do you currently track, monitor and collaborate on documents? Recent studies have shown that over 60% of organizations have no control over how documents are collaborated on. This issue expands rapidly if collaboration goes outside company borders.

TaskForce - Document Collaboration

Join Cadac Group, the global market leader in SharePoint based document collaboration solutions. Our exciting new SharePoint add-in TaskForce allows you to share and collaborate with internal- as well as external project members in a controlled manner.

TaskForce runs on both SharePoint Online (Office 365) as well as SharePoint On Premise (2013 and 2016).

If you collaborate on documents with others inside or outside of your organization and if you use SharePoint, this is a webinar you canĀ“t miss!

Join us and register yourself for one of the sessions.

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