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24 March 2017

Take the Autodesk Vault and SharePoint integration to a higher level

We strongly advise to choose the best of two worlds for Engineering Data Management & Document Control. Autodesk Vault for EDM and SharePoint for the Document Control. However, there are several options for integrating Autodesk Vault with Microsoft SharePoint.

Take the Autodesk Vault and SharePoint integration to a higher level

Standard Vault and SharePoint integration

Both Autodesk and Microsoft have acknowledged that the two applications are complementary and have also provided a standard integration where files created and managed in Autodesk Vault (Engineering Data Management) can be manually exported to a Microsoft SharePoint portal (Document Control). The portal can then be used as the primary vehicle for other, non-CAD using stakeholders to search for, consult, and add comments to design information managed in Autodesk Vault.

In this scenario, the native CAD files remain in Autodesk Vault and are only made available through the SharePoint portal. However, this option does not permanently maintain the relationship between the original CAD file and any revisions.

Bring it to higher level

While the standard integration option explained above may work for smaller projects, the most complete option for larger engineering firms is the Vault-to-SharePoint or Vault-to-DCS connect module, developed by Cadac Group.

  • Publish (design) files from Vault to SharePoint
    Based on a pre-configured approval process in Autodesk Vault, derived files of a design approved for release (e.g. PDFs, DWGs or DWFs) are published in a standardized and controlled format to a designated SharePoint site or within Cadac Organice DCS.
  • Start a review cycle based on workflows
    A review process can then be launched based on pre-defined workflows in the document control solution, where reviewer feedback then becomes directly available to the CAD engineer. 

Unlike the standard integration option, this solution permanently maintains the relationship between the CAD file and any subsequent revisions that are published to the controlled document placeholders. This solution ensures that the designers, engineers, and document controllers can all make use of the richness of their applications while maintaining the transparency of the entire process from document creation to collaboration with external stakeholders.

Connect CAD with Document Control with Cadac Organice DCS

In short, the Cadac Organice DCS solution provides you with the ability to utilize the full audit and workflow capabilities of a document control solution while still retaining a permanent connection between CAD data and their renditions. This solution also extends the audit trail into the CAD environment without restricting the CAD user’s ability to utilize the full set of CAD features.

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