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01 December 2014

Sydney SharePoint User Group

On 18 November 2014, Bas Krikke, Managing Director of Cadac Group APAC, had the opportunity to introduce Cadac Group’s engineering document management & control solution Cadac Organice to a room of SharePoint users. The audience was none other than the Sydney SharePoint User Group. The event took place at the Sydney Mechanics School of Art.

Sydney SharePoint User Group

During the Sydney SharePoint User Group event, Bas Krikke provided an overview of the various areas of Engineering Data Management and Document Control. He explained the challenges that go with Engineering Document Control and how to address these using the SharePoint technology stack combined with the Autodesk technology stack.

Giving a presentation to this technically knowledgeable audience familiar with SharePoint’s finest attributes was both an honour and a challenge. It is not uncommon for SharePoint architects to have the inclination to configure a SharePoint farm on their own. Unfortunately, however, they soon come to realize that the complexity of engineering workflows and documentation requires more from a Document Control system than out-of-the-box SharePoint can offer.

At the end of the presentation there were a lot of questions about the Cadac Organice solution and Cadac Group’s view on Engineering Document Control. It was great to see that the attendees were very interested in hearing about an engineering perspective using CAD programs like Autodesk with SharePoint.

Sponsoring the SharePoint User Group
In addition to giving a presentation at the Sydney SharePoint User Group, Cadac Group APAC also decided to sponsor the local SharePoint User Group. The sponsorship of the Sydney SharePoint User Group will give Cadac Group APAC the opportunity to engage with local SharePoint users to get a real-time understanding of how people are using the software. It also provides the opportunity to collaborate with others to continue learning about new SharePoint developments and enhancements.

So far, the Cadac Group APAC team has attended several of the monthly Sydney SharePoint User Group events and plans to stay actively engaged with the group.

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