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03 November 2017

Eurosia and Cadac Group announce partnership

Eurosia, a fast-growing European BIM services company, and Cadac Group, a leading solution provider for creating, managing, and sharing digital design information, announced today a strategic partnership.

Eurosia and Cadac Group announce partnership

A specialist in Building Information Modeling (BIM), Cadac Group has agreed to integrate Eurosia’s BIM Price Calculator into their corporate approach and offer the tool in the Cadac Store. “Eurosia focusses on efficiently translating existing building information and (2D) designs to BIM models for further use in the building lifecycle. By doing so, they can help our customers with the adoption of BIM” said Paul Smeets, Chief Technology Officer at Cadac Group. “Being able to integrate the easy to use BIM Price Calculator into our online approach correlates directly with our constant strive for greater efficiency, especially for the complex design and maintenance processes in the architecture, engineering and construction industry’’.

Eurosia has many BIM-services to offer, including the BIM Price Calculator, a tool that answers the question ‘’How much would it cost to make the BIM model for this building?’’ within 20 minutes. Eurosia’s competitive prices and ease of work approach are unique in the industry. After extensive testing of the BIM Price Calculator tool, Cadac Group is excited to announce the new partnership with Eurosia and introduce Cadac Group’s customers to an exclusive and straightforward approach for creating BIM models.

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