Engineering Data Management and Document Control in one System?

Connect CAD- and engineering tools with Document Control

27 February 2017

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Engineers want a seamless integration between their design tools and the Engineering Data Management System with full flexibility. Whereas, document controllers and project managers want full control over the process to keep costs and deadlines in control. From a business perspective, companies want both. They want productive end-users and control over the document lifecycle. Can this actually be done using one single system?

CAD- and engineering software

Engineering companies need to comply with the CAD platform(s) their clients are using so they need to invest in multiple CAD platforms to be able to serve a variety of customers. Very often the clients themselves also need a variety of CAD tools, to support all disciplines within their operation.

Engineering Data Management solutions

So what choice do these companies have when choosing an Engineering Data Management solution? They can either choose a “one size fits all” solution, which will probably frustrate their end users, or choose the management platforms their CAD vendors provide, which could mean ending up with multiple platforms. Either way, they seem to end up with either a usability issue or an integration issue.

Kies voor het beheerplatform van uw CAD leverancier

We firmly believe that these companies should choose the management platform from the CAD vendors because it is the only way they can benefit from the constant innovation delivered by the CAD vendors thus giving them a competitive advantage. However, the question remains how to solve the integration issue. Read more about the solution in this article.

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Would you like to know how to implement these processes? Read more about managing and controlling design information or Autodesk Vault and Microsoft SharePoint for Engineering Collaboration.

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Paul Smeets Chief Technology Officer - Cadac Group Holding
Paul Smeets

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