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08 July 2014

concurrent engineering Cadac Organice DCS

Cadac Group is currently working out the final details of a new release of Cadac Organice DCS. Cadac Organice DCS is an integral Microsoft SharePoint-based solution for engineering document control. The new version features various new functionalities, including out-of-the-box support for concurrent engineering scenarios often required by Owner Operators. The newest Cadac Organice DCS version facilitates the publication and management of changes in as-built information.

concurrent engineering Cadac Organice DCS

Relationship between as-built documents and copies
Cadac Organice DCS maintains the relationship between as-built documents and published copies for multiple projects (for purposes of changes). When a document for a project is published, a copy of the most recent version of the document where the expected change is to be implemented is automatically created. . This copy is placed in the controlled work environment of the corresponding project. Once the change is approved by the project, it is returned to the as-built environment.

Always work with up-to-date documents
A request to change document is sometimes submitted from several projects at the same time. If a change to a document is based on outdated information, Cadac Organice DCS implements a non-optional coordination process before the document is once again submitted as-built. This prevents errors caused by working with old versions. This means that submitted change is always based on the latest revision of the as-built document. Project teams are required to update their documents once a new as-built version is released, initiated from another parallel project. Users receive notification automatically when the source information of their project needs to be updated.

Document comparison
The new Cadac Organice DCS version offers optimal functionality for comparing the content of documents by tracking document changes. This means that a user can quickly see the impact of interim changes to the information on the changes that he or she also wants to implement.

Total solution
The new release of Cadac Organice DCS provides a total solution that enables multiple departments, parties, and contractors to make changes to as-built data and documents at the same time. As a result, requests for changes to as-built information are never based on outdated as-built data. Cadac Organice DCS and all functionalities for managing as-built information and change process management are based on the Microsoft SharePoint platform to ensure optimal integration and easy access for web browser-based users.

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