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08 May 2013

Cadac Group has been named the first and so far the only Platinum Partner of the American software firm Autodesk in the Benelux countries. Now Cadac Group, which has its headquarters in Heerlen (the Netherlands), has joined the elite group of Autodesk's approximately twenty best partners worldwide, roughly ten of which are in Europe.


Global Leader
Autodesk is a global leader in 3D design software like AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor and Civil 3D for applications such as construction engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil infrastructure. The American company has its headquarters in California and distributes its products worldwide through its approximately one thousand partners. The best partners can be awarded Platinum status. This requires a particular minimum turnover, certain certifications, and above all a high level of customer satisfaction.

“Our Platinum Tier enables Autodesk to acknowledge the instrumental role these companies play in delivering world-class design solutions, products and services,” said Steve Blum, senior vice president of Worldwide Sales and Services at Autodesk. “Whether through the services they deliver, or their notable customer satisfaction scores, these partners constantly show that they can provide exemplary services and capabilities to their customers.”

With a market share in the Benelux countries of approximately 40%, there's no question that Cadac Group's turnover is at the desired level. "But of course that's only part of it," says Baggen. "Cadac Group also provides the installation, training, and servicing. As a Platinum Partner, it's essential that we deliver outstanding work. Autodesk regularly monitors our performance via customer surveys. Companies only qualify for Platinum status if their average score is at least ninety percent."

Cadac Group has been a partner of Autodesk for more than twenty-five years. "Our customer satisfaction has always been high," Baggen continues. "In Europe, customers don't often give scores of ninety or 100 percent. It's not really in our culture, unlike in the United States, where customers are more willing to give a high score to good performance. For this reason, last year we implemented follow-up calls with our customers. We wanted to know what we could do better or differently. We followed our customers' suggestions right away, and as a result we've gotten even better."

Jan Baggen is well aware of the advantages in being a Platinum Partner. "We receive a slightly larger discount, so our margins are higher. And of course it speaks volumes about our quality. We're now at the top of the list in Autodesk's search engines, which of course greatly benefits our turnover. We want to achieve an Autodesk market share of fifty percent in the Benelux countries. Autodesk is also important as a strategic partner in our continued expansion. We want to increase our market share in Scandinavia and Western Europe. We're expanding our activities in the United States and we're opening an office in Australia."

Cadac Group specializes in providing automated solutions for creating, managing, and sharing digital design information. The company independently designs software to improve and optimize design processes, document management, and project communication. Last year, Cadac's turnover amounted to approximately 40 million dollars, and the company had a total of 225 employees. This year the targets have been set even higher. Jan Baggen says, "We're seeing continuous growth. In the first quarter of this year our figures were nearly twenty-five percent higher in comparison with the same period last year."

We're very proud of this status," says Jan Baggen, the CEO of Cadac Group. "That's because it's based on how our customers rate us. It confirms that we deliver top quality. I'm confident that this status will help us realize our plans for growth.

Jan Baggen Chief Executive Officer - Cadac Group Holding
Jan Baggen

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