Cadac Group takes next step in BIM with virtual reality

Better insight. More experience and involvement

21 May 2015

Cadac Group is ready to import Revit/BIM models into a virtual environment so end users can fully navigate a virtual building using the Oculus Rift headset. This goes a step beyond traditional BIM, where users simply navigate models that have been combined in a virtual environment.

Better insight
With real-time 3D visualizations, end users gain better insight into the new situation, which may prompt them to give comments and observations. Any feedback is returned to the modeller so that adjustments can be made. This prevents costs from surfacing once construction has already begin on a building.

Together with KuiperCompagnons, Cadac recently organized a session for end users in Sanquin Amsterdam's newly-built laboratory. A number of points emerged immediately during this session, such as the following: 'This wall should still be made out of glass, right?'

More experience and involvement
KuiperCompagnons project leader Maurice van Drongelen, who attended the session, explains, 'The Oculus Rift's virtual reality capabilities allow us to give end users a direct, immersive experience of a new building, which, in turn, enables us to provide better service and become more involved with a project. With the help of Cadac Group, we will apply this more and more in the future.'

Job van Hardeveld, Cadac Group consultant, remarks: 'It's great to see how end users become more involved when they can actually walk through a model. I can already imagine how, for example, we can adapt the newly-built Kuip in Rotterdam for this headset, so that supporters can experience for themselves what it's like to be on the football field.'

The Oculus Rift enables end users to move through a building before it is even built.

Kelly Pelzer AEC Consultant - Cadac Group

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