Cadac Group partners with Yellax Industry & ICT

A partnership to significantly reduce design, management, and failure costs associated with technical installations.

06 November 2015 in industry Process, Power & Marine

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Cadac Group is partnering with Yellax Industry & ICT to significantly reduce the design, management, and failure costs associated with technical installations. The Autodesk solutions by Cadac Group and the Typical Manager® from Yellax will help companies create more affordable and more efficient designs. This will strengthen their competitive position and increase their financial margin for projects.

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Interdisciplinary generic data

The ability to share generic data across various engineering disciplines is crucial. Yellax has optimized this process with the introduction of its Typical Manager® software application, which allows users to share their technical design information within the industrial automation process with stakeholders.

System engineering, machine layout, and P&ID are the starting points when designing technical installations and machines. The configuration and project data in the Typical Manager® is used to generate output documents. This project data should be managed in a clear and organized way, from the design phase to the management and maintenance phase.

Linking Typical Manager and Autodesk software

To keep this data up to date, Yellax created a direct interface with AutoCAD Electrical. A configuration in Typical Manager® automatically generates and syncs electrical diagrams, making it possible to edit the data during the process (from design to as-built).

Shorter throughput times. Higher quality.

This partnership aims to strengthen both Yellax and Cadac Group. Traditional work methods give way to more functional, modular work methods that combine mechanical and electrical engineering software and documentation.

Both parties want to facilitate the process of creation, sharing, and management by reducing throughput times and maintaining consistently high quality.

Would you like more information about the link between Typical Manager® and Autodesk products or the partnership in general? Contact us.

About Yellax Industry & ICT

Yellax, founded in 2001, and the platform Typical Manager originated from practice. Dissatisfaction about errors in designs, repetitive tasks and inflexibility in design processes are at the basis of the company and Typical Manager. Business consultants and technical consultants, project-engineers en software developers work with Yellax. We speak the language of both the management and the.

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