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04 December 2014

Cadac Group named Best Managed Company 2014

This year, Cadac Group, together with subsidiary NedGraphics, was proclaimed one of the best managed companies in the Netherlands. This was announced by Deloitte and ING on Thursday 4 December. The qualification is part of the ‘Best Managed Companies’ programme. The jury concluded that the group of Best Managed Companies 2014 scores highly in ‘Innovative Entrepreneurship,’ the theme of this edition.

Cadac Group named Best Managed Company 2014

Deloitte is organizing the Best Managed Companies programme for the seventh consecutive year, and together with ING for the second time. This was the first year that Cadac Group entered the competition and it was selected by the exacting jury as part of the group of best managed companies. To determine the winners, Deloitte and ING assessed strategy, business operations, degree of innovation, and financial results.

The theme of the 2014 Best Managed Companies competition was ‘Innovation’. According to Jan Baggen, CEO of Cadac Group, ‘We are continuously looking for ways to optimize the processes involved in creating, managing, and sharing digital design information. Thanks to more than 27 years of experience and our expertise, we can anticipate the needs of our clients, thereby safeguarding our continuity as an innovative partner.’

Participation in the programme is also highly valuable for the company’s development. Jan Baggen says, ‘As participants in the programme, we are continually challenged to view our own company through critical eyes. The feedback we receive from Deloitte and ING on our business operations offers practical advice for the future. The Best Managed Company qualification does not mean that there’s no more work to be done. Cadac Group will continue developing and innovating further next year as well.’

About the Best Managed Companies programme
Every year, Deloitte and ING look for the best managed companies within the medium and large-sized business sector in the Netherlands. In determining candidates, Deloitte and ING assess the strategy, business operations, degree of innovation, and financial results of the participating companies. The Best Managed Companies programme focuses on Dutch enterprises with a turnover of at least fifteen million euros, good financial health, and a management that is either made up of shareholders or fully independent.

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