Cadac Group Chosen to Lecture at Autodesk University 2014 in Las Vegas

21 December 2014

Cadac Group is pleased to announce that Edwin Elmendorp, President of Cadac Group Americas, will lecture at the upcoming Autodesk University 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada, which takes place December 2-4th, 2014. The lecture was chosen out of the thousands of topics that were submitted, because it focuses on the important issue of document control and engineering data management – a growing and potentially costly pain point for the oil and gas industry.


Autodesk University offers Autodesk software training and networking opportunities year round. Their upcoming conference in Las Vegas is the world’s largest annual gathering for Autodesk software users. This conference allows the best talent in the industry, including expert speakers, engineers, designers, animators, and other industry leaders, an opportunity to work and collaborate together.

Edwin Elmendorp, President of Cadac Group Americas, has created a class for project managers and document control managers in the oil and gas industry to educate them about the available methods to work collaboratively with Autodesk and Microsoft SharePoint software. Elmendorp said, “During the course, we will examine the challenges and best practices to effectively implement a comprehensive data management solution for capital projects.”

The lecture, CV5861-P: Autodesk Vault Professional and Microsoft SharePoint for Engineering Collaboration, will be given during the third day of the conference. The lecture will address best practices for industry professionals in creating and managing their assets throughout a capital project, which refers specifically to any construction, renovation, improvement, fabrication, or customization project where capital costs are greater than or equal to US$25,000. It will also focus on explaining the major differences between document control and engineering data management.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to leverage Autodesk and Microsoft SharePoint to their full potential – cut hundreds of work hours in document control, MDR management, transmittals, model management, and deliverables.
  • How to identify major development phases for assets, in an effort to reduce unplanned costs.
  • How to understand document and data management requirements for better control throughout the asset development and maintenance phases.
  • How to understand the differences between document control and engineering data management.
  • How to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of Microsoft SharePoint and Autodesk Vault Professional in large capital projects – and how to effectively work around them.

The company is looking forward to the positive exposure they will receive and will also be representing their products and services at Booth #132 during the event. Elmendorp stated, “We are very excited to see so many Autodesk University attendees sign up for this course. We also hope to learn more about who enrolled, including the details of their projects so that our company can really focus our efforts towards answering their specific project concerns.”

About the Speaker
Edwin Elmendorp holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from The Netherlands’ Zuyd University. He has over 10 years’ experience in implementing Microsoft SharePoint and Autodesk Vault Software Solutions in the engineering enterprise. Having closely worked with major operators as well as engineering, procurement, and construction companies (EPCs), he has experience in using both of these technology platforms for engineering data management and document control. Edwin is the president of Cadac Group Americas and lives with his family in Houston, Texas. With an entrepreneurial and pragmatic spirit he has grown the Cadac Group brand extensively internationally.

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