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12 February 2019

Automatic publication from Autodesk Vault to SharePoint

Cadac now makes it possible to further reduce administrative operations in Autodesk Vault software. With the automated publication of secondary documents (deliverables) in the review phase of design, Cadac saves time in the engineering process.

Automatic publication from Autodesk Vault to SharePoint

After the decision to release the design or a part thereof via Autodesk Vault (released or revision), an engineer often spends a lot of time making the deliverables available to third parties such as project management, production or customers. Cadac now offers the possibility to have these documents automatically copied to the correct project location in Microsoft SharePoint (online).

With a status transition in Autodesk Vault, the software automatically creates the so-called secondary documents, including metadata. This is the case, for example, if the engineer changes the status from 'Work in Progress' to 'For Review' so that he can have his work checked by a customer or an external party. Autodesk Vault then starts a process that generates a PDF of this drawing. This is usually the start of various administrative tasks for the engineer which Cadac can now automate.

As part of the automation process, it is possible to automatically transfer the PDF to the correct project location on SharePoint based on the project data (metadata) provided. A controlled workflow then ensures that stakeholders within or outside the organisation receive the PDF to evaluate its contents. This review, which may be an approval or a rejection with comments and criticism, is automatically fed back, where necessary with an updated or new document. The engineer receives a notification when a response arrives and can then process it.

By automating administrative activities in the review phase, the engineer has a lot more time available for what he/she should be doing, namely engineering.

If you would you like to know more about automating Autodesk Vault for your company, then contact Cadac for more information about our approach and tools for realising this.

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