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21 April 2017

Autodesk Customer Success Story Award

Cadac Group captured the Autodesk Customer Success Story Award 2016 during the Autodesk OTx conference in Berlin. Each year this award is given to a reseller who has made an active contribution to a partner’s successful or pioneering project. Cadac Group received the award for their support in a Van Wijnen project.

Autodesk Customer Success Story Award

Van Wijnen on the road to a paperless environment

Van Wijnen was one of the first groups in the Netherlands to experience added value through the use of BIM for the implementation phase. It was therefore also obvious that they were the first to start using Autodesk BIM 360 software. Van Wijnen launched a pilot project in 2014 together with Cadac Group in an attempt to implement BIM on construction sites with the help of BIM 360 Glue and Field. By using this software, Van Wijnen ultimately wants to create a paperless construction site. The fact that Van Wijnen has been involved with using Autodesk software from an early stage means that they have been able to actively contribute towards improving the software.

Achievements highlighted during OTx

During OTx 2017, Van Wijnen was widely featured as an early adopter when it comes to implementing BIM on construction sites. Jeff Larrick, Sr. Manager Worldwide BIM360 Sales, highlighted in his presentation the amazing results that Van Wijnen has achieved so far using BIM 360 in various housing construction projects. Successfully implementing BIM 360 together with Cadac Group means BIM is brought even closer to construction sites and serious steps are thus taken towards a paperless environment.

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