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05 November 2019

ARINC 424 Path and Terminator coding training

NedGraphics BV was delighted to deliver ARINC 424 Path and Terminator coding training to Air Traffic and Navigation Services Limitedof South Africa and the Brazilian Air Force Department of Airspace Control.

ARINC 424 Path and Terminator coding training

This four-day course has been designed as an introduction to database coding of Instrument Flight procedures and covered the ARINC 424 Path & Terminator theory as well as its practical application in IAP, SID and STAR procedures.

Course Evaluation SDO ARINC 424 Path and Terminator Coding

Date: 28-31 October 2019        
Number of Participants: 4
Very Satisfied: 85%
Satisfied: 15%
Unsatisfied: 0%
Very Unsatisfied: 0%

Student comments on evaluation form:

Question: Course structure is logical?
Response: It was perfect for 4 days

Question: Subject knowledge of teacher is professional?
Response: Great demonstration, knowledgeable and friendly

Question: Contents of handouts is assisting your learning process?
Respons: Of Course. Great material. Congratulations to everyone involved in the process. Thanks.

The NedGraphics Path and Terminator training course was in its approach more applicable than other similar Path and Terminator training we had participated in as it allowed the trainees time to complete procedure coding exercises and see these procedures added to aeronautical charts.

Brazilian Air Force

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