Streamlined document control for complex offshore projects

29 May 2017 in industry Process, Power & Marine

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The Allseas Group, founded in 1985 by Edward Heerema, is an international industry leader in heavy lifting and the installation of pipelines and underwater structures. To manage their projects successfully, they need 100% visibility into the status of documentation and the ability to inform their customers on the deliverables status at any moment.

Clear view of revisions and approval workflows

“Our business depends on our ability to access the correct version or revision of every document. We need to be able to trace the history of every action on project documents and deliverables. And we need to be able to quickly and easily see the precise status of an approval process for a specific document and have it assured by the system.

We were already using SharePoint for document management. Cadac Organice Document Control Solution (DCS) is SharePoint compatible and gives us exceptional functionality. It’s the best solution available for 100% visibility into our documentation.”

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Our project managers wouldn't be without Cadac Organice now.

Maurice Bakker SharePoint Consultant - Allseas

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