Procedures for Air Navigation Services - Airspace Design and Evaluation System

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The procedure design tool

PANADES was designed and developed by NTT Data specifically to meet ICAO PBN guidelines and PANS-OPS ICAO Doc 8168 criteria as well as providing a high-level of automation in order to allow procedure designers analyse multiple “what-if” scenarios.

PANADES is an integrated software package for Flight Procedure Design that provides an innovative human-machine-interface and a high level of automation throughout the design process.

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PANADES is instrumental in reducing your workload

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Key Benefits of PANADES

USP High Level of Automation

High Level of Automation

Protection areas are drawn just by pressing one button. Obstacle assessment of all phases is conducted by one button. Redraw the areas by mouse dragging.

USP User Friendly HMI

User Friendly HMI

Complete a design in “one window” from initial to missed segment. ARINC 424 tabular type interface is applied for RNAV procedures.

USP Useful tool set for Procedure Design

Useful tool set for Procedure Design

Snap and paste the useful information from the designed geometry. Show distance line for departure and missed approach assessment.

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