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The openness and quantity of data is increasing day by day and communication in connection with geo-information has taken off. For many governments and companies it is important to share information with their residents or customers in an open and accessible way. Until now this was done in a somewhat technical manner. We are changing this with NedGlobe.

NedGraphics offers you the opportunity to exhibit geo-information with NedGlobe Web. With a low-threshold map viewer, your organization is able to exchange geographic information via the internet or to communicate with residents and businesses. Here information is linked to a location and the information can be retrieved via a map. The map viewer is designed in such a way that the information can be found quickly and in a user-friendly way. 

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With NedGlobe Web, NedGraphics offers you the opportunity to go in the field with your geo-information.

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The features of NedGlobe Web

USP Modern and user-friendly

Modern and user-friendly

In the development of NedGlobe Web, special attention was paid to the appearance of the application. Your customers can search your information on the map in a state-of-the-art way.

USP Always up-to-date

Always up-to-date

The web theme maps are always generated in real time. This means that the information that is accessible is always up-to-date.

USP Easy to manage

Easy to manage

The functional manager of the application can set up maps with the aid of a wizard. No coding experience required.

USP Open standards

Open standards

Unlock (geo-) information based on standardized web services. Internal (offered by NedGeoservices) and external web services (offered by eg PDOK) can be used.

USP Quickly implement on your own website

Quickly implement on your own website

NedGlobe Web maps can easily be placed on your own website as an iframe.

USP Centrally managed

Centrally managed

NedGlobe Web is centrally managed and updated by NedGraphics. We do the technical application management, while you can concentrate on producing attractive information products.

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Available separately or in a budget suite

Our NedPubliceer Suite is a complete solution for managing and publishing all your (geo) information. Save once, multiple use is the basis. With this efficient way of working you save a lot of time and money. Thanks to the applications in this suite, you always have up-to-date and accurate information for a good service to colleagues, citizens, institutions and companies.

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