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Accelerates the work process

Thanks to the rise of smartphones and tablets working remotely has grown explosively in recent years. In combination with the increasingly improved coverage of mobile networks, it is possible to have access to all data outside your reach. This is interesting for employees who have to carry out their tasks partly in the field. Consultation of (geo-) information is thereby given a new dimension. NedGlobe Mobile has been developed for this purpose.

Maps and data, previously only available internally, can easily be accessed outside. The additional information that is collected during checks and inspections in the field is available again at the office with further feedback. That saves time and also improves the quality of the information, because the office data is compared with the current situation in the field. An investment in NedGlobe Mobile earns itself back quickly in this way.

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NedGlobe Mobile can be designed by your own wishes and standards. 

Irena Dronjak Product Manager - Government Irena Dronjak

The features of NedGlobe Mobile

USP Device independent

Device independent

NedGlobe Mobile is optimized for touchscreen operation and works on the most common operating systems (iOS, Android and Windows).

USP Flexible device

Flexible device

The administrator can use the intuitive management dashboard to compose and visualize themes according to the wishes of the field employee.

USP Open standards

Open standards

Unlock (geo-) information based on standardized web services. Internal (offered by NedGeoservices) and external web services (offered by eg PDOK) can be used.

USP Accurate positioning

Accurate positioning

NedGlobe Mobile uses the possibilities that mobile devices offer. This allows the user to make their GPS location visible on the map with the push of a button.

USP Feedback


Not only information can be consulted on the spot, but it is also possible to send findings as notifications to the backoffice.

USP Authorization possibilities

Authorization possibilities

Users never receive more information than what they are entitled to or are relevant to the performance of their duties.

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Connects to the information requirement

Every field service employee has at his disposal a set of data tailored to his job responsibilities which can be fully organised with NedGlobe Mobile. All possible web services, based on OGC standards, can be used here. This can be personal data or public data, such as the PDOK web services.

Available data and information need change constantly. You want to keep responding to that easily. With NedGlobe Mobile, configuring geographic and administrative data to be set-up is easy to set up via an intuitive management environment. It is also possible to authorize users and themes. NedGlobe Mobile is a flexible tool to support your work processes.

SaaS solution

NedGlobe Mobile is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS). This offers great advantages for the service that NedGraphics can offer. Think of responding quickly to faults and making new map themes available if desired. In addition, the software innovation can also run faster since the application is managed centrally. This makes it possible to achieve the desired goal with a minimum of effort, at acceptable costs without surprises.

NedGlobe Mobile as SaaS does not mean that your (geo) information has also to be in the Cloud. This is because NedGlobe Mobile discloses data that is connected as a web service. These web services can be offered to NedGlobe Mobile from the local area. With NedGeoservices, NedGraphics has a simple solution for generating web services.

Managed Cloud Service - SaaS.jpg

Available separately or in a budget suite

Our NedPubliceer Suite is a complete solution for managing and publishing all your (geo) information. Save once, multiple use is the basis. With this efficient way of working you save a lot of time and money. Thanks to the applications in this suite, you always have up-to-date and accurate information for a good service to colleagues, citizens, institutions and companies.

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