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The amount of data that organizations currently have at their disposal and need to carry out their tasks is constantly increasing. This is a trend that will increase in the coming years.
With the use of large amounts of data, the challenge is mainly: How do I find the required information? For this NedGraphics offers NedGlobe Information a solution that allows you to query all your data together.

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You always have up-to-date and complete information; this increases the quality of decisions and service!

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The features of NedGlobe Information

USP Central and simple

Central and simple

All your information, basic, core, case and document data, in one place.

USP Consult consistency

Consult consistency

Consult information in conjunction, both administratively and geographically.

USP Meet General Data Protection Regulation

Meet General Data Protection Regulation

Protocolling and logging personal data and thus comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.


Full information in one place

With NedGlobe Information, you as a user have the opportunity to easily search and consult basic data, key data, case data and document data. This makes it a portal for all the information you need as a user. Consultation can be administrative as well as geographical, making the application useful for many purposes. By combining it, NedGlobe Information makes it easy to make connections and quickly collect the right information. We have made the use of the application easy so that the purpose of consulting information is central. You have all your information in one place and can easily view this information in conjunction.


Ready for General Data Protection Regulation

With NedGlobe Information you are able to consult personal data and thereby comply with the General Data Protection Regulation that applies on 25 May 2018. This means that with NedGlobe Information you can not only log who, when, what information you consult but also the reason for questioning.


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Available separately or in a budget suite

Our NedPubliceer Suite is a complete solution for managing and publishing all your (geo) information. Save once, multiple use is the basis.

With this efficient way of working you save a lot of time and money. Thanks to the applications in this suite, you always have up-to-date and accurate information for a good service to colleagues, citizens, institutions and companies.

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