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Hydro-/Topographical data transformation

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A MDL map conversion utility

MapTrans can be used to generate maps from a template map in a fixed projection. The target map is brought into the projection of a chart produced with smartGlobe, the NedGraphics Aviation Solutions chart production tool.

The resulting map can be used to superimpose geographical data over aeronautical data when it is used with smartGlobe.

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Key Benefits MapTrans

USP Stored separately

Stored separately

Rather than storing large quantities of Hydrographical and Topographical data in a database, these data can stored separately on off-line media.

USP Different scales and sizes

Different scales and sizes

By using all ‘background data’ in vector format the data can be used in different scales and sizes, while maintaining a small file size.

USP Preparing unprojected files

Preparing unprojected files

Unprojected files can be prepared for large areas at a time, from which sections can be re-used in Approach, STAR as well as En-route charts.


Hydro-/Topographical data transformation

MapTrans allows smartGlobe users to import and automatically convert ‘unprojected’ vector files. An ‘unprojected’ file means that the latitude and longitude values of a point or line feature have simply been stored in a Cartesian system. In other words, the latitude values are plotted on the Y-axis, and the longitudes along the X-axis.

Many Geographical Information Systems (GIS) allow for the export of graphics to such an ‘unprojected file’. The benefit of creating such unprojected vector files is that they can be re-used indefinitely on charts of different projections, scales and sizes.

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