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Work in a projected environment

The smartGlobe Aeronautical Utilities provides you with a set of tools to work in a projected environment, plotting and reading out points in latitude-longitude, and calculating and drawing geodetic lines, intersections and such.

The utilities are accessible from within the graphical environment. MicroStation (V8 or higher) is used as a graphical engine.

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Our products are fully compliant with EUROCONTROL and ICAO's Annex 4 and Document 8697 standards.

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Key Benefits

USP Projected


Work in a projected environment.


USP Plotting and reading out points

Plotting and reading out points

Plotting and reading out points in latitude-longitude.

USP Geodetic lines

Geodetic lines

Calculating and drawing geodetic lines, intersections.

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The most important functions

Creating and setting up a chart: a three dimensional area on the globe must be projected onto the two-dimensional design plane. Mercator, Lambert  Conformal Conic and Polar Stereographic projections are supported.

  • Grid generation: a chart border (neatlines) and grid or graticule can be generated, with tick marks at user-defined intervals.
  • Performing aeronautical calculations: calculate tracks and distances and convert geographical positions to Cartesian grid positions and vice versa.
  • Defining and Storing Chart templates under user-defined names. Configuration tools are included to define every aspect of the graphical appearance grids and graticules.

Available individually or in an affordable suite

NedGraphics Aviation Solutions provides world class Aeronautical charting solutions and Training. We provide a range of Off-the-Shelf products that are tried, tested and in use in over 16 States and organisations around the world.

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