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For the government, changing social conditions are a constant impetus to reflect on its role, as well as its tasks and overall approach. With our knowledge of rules and regulations and work processes, we deliver tailored products and services in the fields of information technology and geo-information technology.

The keywords associated with executing government tasks are: simpler, more efficient, and more effective. This requires not only a major shift in how the government thinks and acts, but it also requires making investments in order to achieve this shift. Geo-information technology is an essential tool to facilitate these changes.

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Richard Goossens Managing Director - NedGraphics B.V. Richard Goossens

The solutions for your field

The solutions for your field whether you work for the municipality, province, water board, central government, or a semi-governmental agency. Many policy decisions related to spatial planning are based on geo-information technology. Our solutions help you, as a source holder, to create, register, and manage document flows and processes related to optimizing spatial developments.



Within your municipality, the use of geo-information technology is taken for granted because many issues addressed by the municipality have a relationship with 'the map'. As a municipality, you are the source holder of many key registrations, and geo-information is an essential part of this.

Our solutions help you, as a source holder, to create, register, and manage document flows and processes related to optimizing spatial developments. This not only saves you time, but it also helps you provide all parties with better insight into the frameworks for the objects and plans in, for example, the new BGT (Key Register Large-scale Topography) or the BRK Levering (digital file containing data from the land register database).


Provinces have multifaceted responsibilities. In addition to the design and testing of regional policy, another key task of a province is managing parts of its infrastructure. The use of CAD and GIS applications plays an important role in the information provision of a province.

With our solutions, the creation, management, and sharing of the digital designs that shape our world is a simpler process. And more importantly, the workflow is better coordinated.


Governmental agencies

The use of geo-information technology plays an important role in many areas of the central government. Its importance is recognized and there is coordination between departments in this field, such as Publieke Dienstverlening op de Kaart (PDOK, public SDI of the Netherlands). For operational services, such as the Rijkswaterstaat (Directorate-General of infrastructure and the Environment), the use of CAD/GIS systems is also important in the design and management of infrastructure.

Not only is your work extremely complex, but it's also highly variable. Our solutions save you time and they help you provide all parties with better insight into the frameworks. This makes the work easier and, more importantly, it is better coordinated. Trust NedGraphics as a specialist for your digital geo-information technology.

Our approach to optimizing your process

Meet and share knowledge

Meet and share knowledge

You get to know us and we share our knowledge with you. Doing business together requires a click.

Start-up phase

Start-up phase

Together we look at what solutions best meet your goals.

Initiation phase

Initiation phase

We map the entire project, the milestones, and the approach.

Implementation phase

Implementation phase

We take clear steps towards an effective implementation of your solution.

Maintenance and support phase

Maintenance and support phase

The solution is up and running. Together we ensure that it's efficiently managed and maintained.

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More software solutions for your industry

Create, manage & share your designs more quickly and more efficiently with the most advanced software.

NedInwinning Suite

Solutions to optimize the collection of measurement data.

  • Efficient, integrated collection of data
  • Support various collection methods
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NedObjectenbeheer Suite

NedObjectenbeheer helps you optimize your geo-registration.

  • Management of objects registrations
  • Connects to the System of Basic Registrations
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NedPubliceer Suite

The applications in the NedPubliceer Suite give you updated and accurate information to provide excellent services to your colleagues, fellow citizens, institutions, and businesses.

  • Based on architecture standards
  • Time savings
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NedPlan Suite

NedPlan Suite helps to optimize your digital spatial planning process.

  • Connect to different CAD platforms
  • Updates and additional functionalities
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NedInfra Suite

Software for the civil and hydraulic engineering sectors.

  • Work with the 'Dutch standard CAD'
  • Widely used in the civil engineering sector
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Autodesk Suite

NedGraphics (Cadac Group Company) provides the highest level in the Autodesk Partner Program, which is Autodesk Platinum partner.

  • Tijdwinst & standaardisatie
  • Worldwide leader in design applications
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Orbit GT Suite

We're pleased to confirm that our portfolio integrates fully with the Orbit GT solutions for panoramic images and aerial photography. Using this combination, together we can optimize your work processes.

  • All providers of panoramic images and aerial photographs are supported
  • Integration with NedGraphics products
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Transoft Solutions Suite

High-quality traffic engineering design applications.

  • Time savings & standardization
  • Widely used in the civil engineering industry
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