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The growth of air traffic necessitates the development of a modern Air Traffic Management system which avoids congestion and the environmental impact through traffic is minimized. In addition to ensuring and increasing safety is cost effective fly for the industry of growing importance.

International initiatives of umbrella organizations and cooperating countries develop standards to achieve the innovative management of the airspace. We have a complete suite of products that can support this. At NedGraphics we have a long history of serving the aviation market and we continue to do so through a growing number of active contracts with aviation organisations, States and partner companies.

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Expertise and quality is central to every aspect of our Aviation business.

Richard Goossens Managing Director - NedGraphics B.V. Richard Goossens

What solutions do we offer for your industry?

NedGraphics Aviation Solutions provides world class Aeronautical charting solutions and Training. We provide a range of Off-the-Shelf products that are tried, tested and in use in over 16 States and organisations around the world. Although best known for the world-leading smartGlobe Aeronautical charting system, we also offer a full range of supporting services including training, ARINC 424 procedure coding, chart migration and consultancy.


European AIS Database

NedGraphics are a leading provider in Europe and around the world for aeronautical charting solutions.

We provide the approved aeronautical charting solution subsystem software for the European AIS Database (EAD) project and our customer base in this arena continues to grow.


We strive to develop close working partnerships with our clients to ensure that they get all the support and expertise they require.

Our products are fully compliant with EUROCONTROL and ICAO's Annex 4 and Document 8697 standards and complies with the ADQ Implementing Rule (Regulation (EC) 73/2010).
NedGraphics Aviation Solutions is ISO 9001:2008 certified

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Our training programs ensure that clients get the best out of their software while our full range of maintenance and support packages helps keep systems up to date and users proficient.

Training is available for all our products and we have provided training to AIS professionals from all over the world. Quality is central to every aspect of our business.

Our approach to optimizing your process

Meet and share knowledge

Meet and share knowledge

You get to know us and we share our knowledge with you. Doing business together requires a click.

Start-up phase

Start-up phase

Together we look at what solutions best meet your goals.

Initiation phase

Initiation phase

We map the entire project, the milestones, and the approach.

Implementation phase

Implementation phase

We take clear steps towards an effective implementation of your solution.

Maintenance and support phase

Maintenance and support phase

The solution is up and running. Together we ensure that it's efficiently managed and maintained.

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Aviation Suite Aviation Suite

Create, manage & share your designs more quickly and more efficiently with the most advanced software.

The best software solutions for your industry

Aeronautical Charting System

The smartGlobe Aeronautical Charting system allows the generation and maintenance of charts and aeronautical data using a single source.

  • ICAO Annex 4 and Doc 8697 compliant
  • Support voor ARINC 424 en AIXM standaarden
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Aeronautical Utilities

The smartGlobe Aeronautical Utilities provides you with a set of tools to work in a projected environment.

  • Plotting and reading out points in latitude-longitude
  • Calculating and drawing geodetic lines, intersections
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A MDL map conversion utility. Can be used to generate maps from a template map in a fixed projection.

  • Data can stored separately on off-line media
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Web Data Manager

Web Data Manager is a web application for the retrieval, visualization and maintenance of aeronautical (static) data.

  • Retrieve static data from the database
  • Using spatial filters to display the retrieved data in the form of a table, a list or a chart
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MicroStation meets the needs of infrastructure teams across every discipline throughout design, construction, and operations.

  • Design faster and more efficient
  • Widely used in the civil engineering industry
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PANADES is an integrated software package for Flight Procedure Design that provides an innovative human-machine-interface and a high level of automation throughout the design process.

  • High Level of Automation
  • User Friendly HMI
  • Useful tool set for Procedure Design
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Airpalette eTOD Solution

electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data (eTOD) contain elevation vector data for all significant natural or artificial obstacles around an airport to support PBN Procedure Design.

  • ICAO Annex-15, RTCA DO-276B, RTCA DO-272C, EUROCAE ED-98(A),FAA AC-150-5300/18(B).
  • High resolution satellite data
  • Supports quality assurance and quality control requirements.
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NedGlobe Mobile

Play your trump card

  • Integrate GIS into your workflows
  • Device independent
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NedGlobe Web

Easy to go in the field with geo-information!

  • Easy to use
  • Product information always up-to-date
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NedGlobe Information

Simply query all your data together.

  • Efficient, integrated collection of data
  • All information in one view
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