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Full control over your project

Successful implementation of geo-ICT and other ICT solutions requires a coordinated approach and the close involvement of both the client and the contractor. To ensure that this runs smoothly, NedGraphics chooses to deploy a project leader for implementations of a certain scope.

The central contact point
The project leader ensures the proper coordination of people and resources within the framework of the project, and the main priority is the result to be achieved. The interests of all stakeholders are also taken into account. The project leader is your central contact point for the project concerned.

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By combining our expertise and perseverance with the proper communications, we can make all of your projects successful!

Olivier Eizinga Manager Projects & Support - Government Olivier Eizinga

Quick start through practical implementation

You can reap the benefits of our project leaders having the necessary knowledge and experience of various fields.

USP Experts in every sector

Experts in every sector

You can rely on a consultant who speaks your language, understands your processes, and is aware of the latest developments in your field.

USP Highly-educated and experienced

Highly-educated and experienced

You can count on getting the professional support you need.

USP Hands-on approach

Hands-on approach

Our project leaders have a hands-on mentality and combine your strategic goals with a practical, standardized approach.

USP More than just experts

More than just experts

Our project leaders not only look at a project's goals, they also help generate support within the team for the best possible results.

USP Experience with diverse fields

Experience with diverse fields

Our consultants have the necessary knowledge and experience of a variety of fields, including: CAD, GIS, BGT, BAG, BRK, civil engineering, surveying, spatial planning, WION, and public space management.

USP Together, we'll get started quickly

Together, we'll get started quickly

You can count on us to quickly adapt to your way of doing things. We know your sector and we reinforce the individual and collective qualities of your team.


A project plan to order

A tailored project plan describes the agreements on the scope of work, division of tasks, scheduled phases, implementation, follow-up on project progress, decision making, and the creation of the final product.

Depending on how extensive the project is, a project plan will be drawn up. A project plan makes it clear for everyone what the expectations will be, thus allowing people to work faster and more efficiently.

Full-service project management

We are highly experienced in implementing projects, particularly for local government. As a project manager, we can coordinate the project communication between all parties involved.

Project management entails managing multiple subprojects to ensure the delivery of coordinated and well-functioning products and services by us and third parties.


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