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The cloud offers new opportunities

Agile, creative, and flexible
New product technologies and distribution options are being developed at an ever more rapid pace. Organizations have to be able to move quickly to capitalize on these developments. NedGraphics Cloud Services provides your IT Department with the tools and foundation it needs to be agile, creative, and flexible.

Full service
Via a secure internet connection, cloud services allow your organization access to applications without the bother of management, additional infrastructure, and security.

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NedGraphics Cloud Services will take you to another dimension of management that has less complex management, flexible expansion, and cost savings.

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There are plenty of good reasons to join now

USP Focus on your main process

Focus on your main process

Every organization has a variety of challenges and objectives. Managing an IT infrastructure, however, is not one of those core tasks. Cloud services allow an organization to focus on its own work processes.

USP Consistent quality of service

Consistent quality of service

NedGraphics Cloud Services will be facilitated by KPN, which will provide a consistent quality of service from first class data centres. Your data will be carefully stored at a separate location in the Netherlands should recovery prove necessary.

USP Cost effective

Cost effective

Investments in applications and infrastructure will be settled monthly for multiple users (economies of scale). However, you will no longer incur costs for the training and knowledge maintenance of technical management, and not having to deal with these investments will help you secure a reliable budgeting process.

NedGraphics Cloud Services

A scalable, standardized IT environment

Technical application management and software and hardware maintenance will be taken care of for you. You will know where you stand because the services will be delivered according to an established service level agreement (SLA).

What's more, you will have access to a scalable and standardized IT environment that allows you to anticipate changes in user demand concerning rules and regulations. 

NedGraphics offers you a range of options: Private Cloud

The Private Cloud is for your use only. Your own IT environment will be integrated into a protected environment at KPN. We can provide all database-related NedGraphics products for you in the cloud. Soon, the different CAD applications will also be added to the cloud.

The Private Cloud will help relieve your IT Department because it will no longer need to have industry specific knowledge about the CAD/GIS applications. The CAD/GIS applications will no longer be part of your IT infrastructure. The IT solutions you use will be scalable and individually tailored for your company.


NedGraphics offers a variety of different options; Public Cloud

The common infrastructure will be shared by multiple users in the Public Cloud, so this solution is particularly suitable for providing cost-effective, standardized services. In collaboration with ARCADIS, NedGraphics will provide a new concept via a Public Cloud: BGT in the cloud.

The BGT applications will run in a protected environment for you. Every care will be taken that you have access to a ready-to-use BGT/IMGeo file. The data is accessible for use in other systems, and the electronic messaging with the SVB-BGT will be taken care of for you. This ensures that you are in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations. You provide the direction and outsource a majority of the work.

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