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Virtualizing CAD software
More and more organizations see the advantages of virtualizing CAD software. The recent developments of Citrix combined with Autodesk software have made considerable progress toward creating a virtualized, efficient, multi-user CAD environment that is an attractive alternative to the traditional CAD environment. NedGraphics assists you with virtualizing your CAD environment.

Advantages of virtualization
Thanks to virtualization, you can centralize your resources, reduce your operating and management costs, and collaborate more productively, all while maintaining the necessary robust security and control. Unlike an environment composed of multiple workstations, each with their own software or CAD software systems, applications in a virtualized solution are managed as a single entity.

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Save on management, maintenance, and energy costs by virtualizing your CAD environment.

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Advantages of CAD Virtualization

Virtualizing your CAD environment has many advantages. Below is an account of the greatest benefits.

USP Processes take place on the server

Processes take place on the server

Therefore, users - via a thin client - can log in to the server from anywhere in the world and work with the software that has been installed on it.

USP All data is centrally organized

All data is centrally organized

Besides centralizing all applications, all of the data is also centralized and virtualized. As a result, the data need never leave the secure server environment. The only information transmitted to the workstations or remote devices involves keystrokes, pixel changes, and mouse movements.

USP The IT environment can be centrally managed

The IT environment can be centrally managed

In an environment with Autodesk software installed on local workstations, every update or adjustment of an application or an add-on has to be performed for each individual workstation. In a virtualized environment, this process can be accomplished in a single step.

USP Flexworking


A virtualized CAD environment facilitates remote working. This enables draughters and designers to work from anywhere, and it allows them to practice with the CAD software at home in the evenings.

USP Easily scalable management advantages

Easily scalable management advantages

Users can easily be added or removed.

USP Cost effective

Cost effective

Spreading the costs of the application and infrastructure investments over multiple users will achieve economies of scale. However, you will no longer incur costs for the training and knowledge maintenance of technical management, and not having to deal with these investments will help you secure a reliable budgeting process.


Centrally manage your ICT environment

In an environment with locally installed CAD software on workstations, any updates for applications or add-ons must be installed separately on each workstation. In a virtualized environment this can be done at once. Also when it comes to upgrading hardware.

Besides centralizing applications, data also can be centralized. This allows the data never have to leave the secure server environment. The only thing sent to the remote devices or workstations are keystrokes, mouse movements, and pixel changes.

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