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At NedGraphics we know that it is never simply enough to sell software to a client and then provide no additional services. The client’s successful implementation of the software is reliant on making specialist information and expertise available at the time of going live.

Because of its ARINC 424 expertise and involvement in the EAD project, NedGraphics is in a unique position to assist Civil/Military National Authorities as well as Airlines and other Data Users, in defining their migration strategy with respect to EAD.

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Expertise and quality is central to every aspect of our Aviation business.

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Our services for the aviation industry

USP Installation and configuration

Installation and configuration

The installation and configuration of the smartGlobe ACS either remotely or on-site.

USP Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance includes free upgrades and new releases for all supplied products, including applicable documentation at no additional cost. We provide remote support by telephone, fax and electronic mail and also on-site support.

USP Turn-key projects

Turn-key projects

We provide a deliverable to the customer that is fully tested and ready to use upon delivery.

USP ESI integration

ESI integration

Building interfaces for your systems to EAD based on the ESI API.

USP Migration Planning and Project Management

Migration Planning and Project Management

Practical assistance in planning and managing your migration project.

USP Training


A comprehensive training program for MicroStation, smartGlobe and ARINC 424 procedure coding can be provided.

USP ARINC 424 Path and Terminator Procedure Coding Service

ARINC 424 Path and Terminator Procedure Coding Service

Standard Departure, Standard Arrival and Instrument Approach Procedures will be coded for the European AIS Database (EAD).

USP Quick Scan

Quick Scan

A quick analysis of your operational requirements and capabilities in relation to EAD.

USP Loader development

Loader development

Development of custom loader programs to load EAD output files in your databases.

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