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NedGraphics application management takes care of everything!

In practice, the installation, management, and maintenance of CAD and geo-ICT solutions often prove no simple task. Having NedGraphics take care of the application management of these CAD and geo-ICT solutions will free up your organization. You can focus instead on adopting new technologies for the large user group which still uses generic applications, while NedGraphics focuses on delivering optimization, management, and professional support for CAD and geo-ICT solutions.

Our services – consisting of system management of components, application management, and support – cover our entire application portfolio of NedGraphics software, as well as software from Autodesk, Bentley, Oracle, and Transoft Solutions to name just a few.

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Allowing NedGraphics to manage your complete systems will provide your organization with a single point of contact for all faults that occur within the system configuration.

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The added value of NedGraphics application management

Naturally, how the application management will be organized will be discussed with your organization in advance. After all, every organization has specific wishes and requirements for the various CAD and geo-ICT solutions. NedGraphics can assist you with the following additional services.



To create a reliable environment, it is important for employees to attend update training courses to achieve the maximum benefit from the investments in the new environment. Update training courses, which usually last a day or two, refresh users' knowledge and bring them up to date on the latest developments and capabilities of the updated software. Update training courses, which can be part of the migration process, are in good hands with NedGraphics.



In some cases, when transitioning to newer versions of the CAD and geo-ICT solutions, the hardware may no longer be able to meet a supplier's minimum requirements for the use of an application. NedGraphics also advises clients on this matter. We even provide you with the opportunity to let us take care of the entire purchasing and management of the hardware.



Supported by experts, the NedGraphics Helpdesk can often rapidly identify and solve issues because these staff members deal with this material daily and frequently face user questions regarding CAD and geo-ICT solutions. The support is defined in a Service Level Agreement (SLA), which is supported by an emergency plan. Experience shows that outsourcing this specialist environment has an immediate positive effect on both the IT Department as well as the users of the CAD and geo-ICT solutions.


NedGraphics services

The added value of NedGraphics is evident in our knowledge-intensive consulting for the entire spectrum of CAD and geo-information, which includes: collection, registration, processing, storage, object modelling, distribution access, and performance.

In addition, NedGraphics provides clients with tailored software solutions and a complete package of services that includes project management, implementing training, and workplace guidance. NedGraphics often forges long-term relationships with its clients because of the continuity of its services. NedGraphics has added the concept of application management to its comprehensive package, under the motto: NedGraphics application management takes care of everything!

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