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Better results through vision and good policy

It's increasingly important to make the right policy decisions when implementing geo-information systems. This process is no longer just about technology; more and more it's about setting up the organizational, procedural, and standardization aspects.

The right balance
Implementation programmes operating on the basis of vision and good policy almost automatically lead to better and more successful results. NedGraphics has gained experience in providing implementations at dozens of organizations in recent years. In our consulting activities, we always work with you to find the right balance between what you are legally required to do, what you want in terms of policy and services, and what your organization can handle.

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All information is geo-information. We would be happy to help you embed the use of geo-information in your work and business processes so that you can maximize this information.

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Consultants with the right knowledge and experience

Our consultants are fully up to date on all relevant rules and regulations, and they understand how these relate to one another.

USP Experts in every sector

Experts in every sector

You can rely on a consultant who speaks your language, understands your processes, and is aware of the latest developments in your field.

USP Highly-educated and experienced

Highly-educated and experienced

You can count on getting the professional support you need.

USP Hands-on approach

Hands-on approach

Our consultants have a hands-on mentality and combine your strategic targets with a practical, standardized approach.

USP More than just experts

More than just experts

Our consultants not only look at a project's goals, they also help generate support within the team for the best possible results.

USP Knowledge of relevant rules and regulations

Knowledge of relevant rules and regulations

Our consultants are fully up to date on all relevant rules and regulations, such as: BAG (Addresses and Buildings Database), BGT (Key Register Large-scale Topography), BRK (land register database), Wkpb (Immovable Property (Disclosure of Restrictions under Public Law) Act) , WION (Underground Grids (Information Exchange) Act), and Wro (Spatial Planning Act). They also understand how these relate to one another.

USP Together, we'll get started quickly

Together, we'll get started quickly

You can count on us to quickly adapt to your way of doing things. We know your sector and we reinforce the individual and collective qualities of your team.


Custom consulting

We have practical experience with implementing CAD and GIS systems for various organizations, which allows us to assist you in various ways, such as: drafting a geo-information policy plan, providing coaching for the geo-information coordinator, giving workshops on specific geo-information themes, or implementing a geo-data warehouse.

We can also help you develop your vision on the role geo-information plays in your business operations. With a clear vision, your processes will be more transparent, and you will generate broader support within your organization.


Support during all phases

During every phase of implementing amended and new rules on geo-information, we can support your organization through theme-specific workshops, quick scans, drafting a plan of approach, data analysis, implementation guidance, and project management.

Our consultants are well-versed in topics such as:

  • INSPIRE, a European directive on environmental information and geo-information
  • Voorziening Publieke dienstverlening op de kaart (PDOK, national spatial data infrastructure)
  • Geo-information for large decentralizations in the care sector
  • Dutch CAD Standard (NLCS)
  • Building Information Model (BIM)

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