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Specialist in stereophotogrammetry
Orbit Geospatial Technologies has more than 40 years’ specialist experience in stereophotogrammetry, and in the optimization and automation of mapping techniques. Today, the use of mobile mapping and air photography is still central to this. As a reseller, NedGraphics offers an extensive range of integrated Orbit GT products.

Mobile mapping and aerial photography
Orbit GT offers state-of-the-art applications for consulting and optimally integrating all types of mobile mapping data and aerial photography, from the familiar panoramic images to 3D PointCloud. For aerial photography, we support both ortho/stereo-technology and aerial photographs taken at an angle (oblique), so all providers receive transparent support.

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We're pleased to confirm that our portfolio integrates fully with the Orbit GT solutions for panoramic images and aerial photography. Using this combination, together we can optimize your work processes.

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Advantages of Orbit GT Suite

USP Supplier independence

Supplier independence

Neither the panoramic images nor the type of aerial photographs are determining for the Orbit software. All providers receive transparent support.

USP Dutch operating language

Dutch operating language

Applications in the Orbit GT Suite were specifically designed for the Dutch market and are available in Dutch.

USP Professional support and helpdesk

Professional support and helpdesk

Our helpdesk staff are at your disposal and offer professional support. They will help you quickly find the best solution.


Vision of Orbit

The use of geographic information has been actively present since mankind's dawn of civilisation. The role of maps in human history is none less than strategic.

GeoSpatial Information Technology today increasingly gains momentum as many businesses and governments realise that the availability of geospatial data and the capability of using it offers powerful, profitable and competitive advantages. GeoSpatial Information will be integrated in every desktop and server system, from simple positioning and routing, to in-depth analysis solutions.

More than a collection of applications

The Orbit GT Suite allows you to optimize the use of panoramic images and aerial photography in your work processes.

  • Orbit GT Panoviewer is a solution to view panoramic images. You can easily measure and show your own design data in these images. It’s supports all common formats panorama images, vendor-independent. Available as a plugin for your workstation (TopoCAD, Geocad or IGOS) and use in our NedBrowser.
  • Orbit GT photogrammetric software is for photogrammetric mapping and production of maps. It’s a complete and affordable solution and uses stereo aerial photographs up in the BGT-proces.
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Our approach to optimizing your processes

Knowledge creation and knowledge sharing

Knowledge creation and knowledge sharing

Start-up phase

Start-up phase

Together we evaluate which solution, or solutions, best suits your objectives.

Initiative phase

Initiative phase

We identify the entire project, the milestones, and the approach.

Implementation phase

Implementation phase

A step-by-step approach to implementing the most effective solution.

Maintenance and support phase

Maintenance and support phase

The process is ready, now it's time to get to work. Together with you.

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