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The introduction of key registers, the growing use of geo-information, and the need for integrated data use have forced government institutions to manage an increasing number of information flows. The NedPubliceer Suite by NedGraphics meets this need.

The NedPubliceer Suite contains a central geo-data warehouse where information can be checked and retrieved from various source systems in a standardized way. This data is then offered to the distribution components in the suite.

Of course, you'd like to make the retrieved information available to various buyers. This is possible in the NedPubliceer Suite for both internal and external buyers. There are several ways to access the data, which makes it easy for various parties to gain a cohesive overview of the available information.

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The applications in the NedPubliceer Suite give you updated and accurate information to provide excellent services to your colleagues, fellow citizens, institutions, and businesses.

Irena Dronjak Product Manager - Government Irena Dronjak

Advantages of NedPubliceer Suite

USP Complete solution

Complete solution

From essential productivity features to handy shortcuts: everything works together perfectly.

USP Dutch language

Dutch language

Applications in the NedPubliceer Suite were specifically designed for the Dutch market and are available in Dutch.

USP Professional support and helpdesk

Professional support and helpdesk

Our helpdesk staff are at your disposal and offer professional support. They will help you quickly find the best solution.

USP Save time and money

Save time and money

The applications in the NedPubliceer Suite make expensive, customized links a thing of the past. NedGraphics adheres to national standards.

USP Based on architecture standards

Based on architecture standards

The NedPubliceer Suite connects to referential architecture standards (NORA and GEMMA) for Dutch government institutions. 

USP Updates and additional functionalities

Updates and additional functionalities

We regularly publish updates and additional functionalities to better align the applications in NedPubliceer Suite to your needs.


More than a collection of applications

The applications in our NedPubliceer Suite can be used together or standalone. They give you updated and accurate information to provide excellent services to your colleagues, fellow citizens, institutions, and businesses.

Our suite offers solutions for distributing and publishing your geographic information. Combined in one place you can see all geographic and administrative information. Easily visualize and analyze various data sources

Our approach to optimizing your processes

Knowledge creation and knowledge sharing

Knowledge creation and knowledge sharing

You will work with the experts at NedGraphics, and there should therefore be a click.

Start-up phase

Start-up phase

Together we evaluate which solution, or solutions, best suits your objectives.

Initiative phase

Initiative phase

We identify the entire project, the milestones, and the approach.

Implementation phase

Implementation phase

A step-by-step approach to implementing the most effective solution.

Maintenance and support phase

Maintenance and support phase

The process is ready, now it's time to get to work. Together with you.

NedObjectenbeheer Suite

After collecting and processing your measurement data using applications in the NedInwinning Suite, you will need to manage this information. To manage spatial objects, NedGraphics developed several applications that have been added to the NedObjectenbeheer Suite.

This suite contains applications for designing smart geo-registrations. Efficient management saves money. But this is only possible if your organization has a location reserved specifically for powerful and sophisticated geo-registration to support all geo-related tasks and detect changes. This is possible with the applications in the NedObjectenbeheer Suite.

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