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Spatial planning standards
To accelerate the spatial interventions process, the Spatial Planning Act has incorporated a clause that makes spatial plans easy to consult and share. This is possible thanks to national agreements known as the RO Standards (spatial planning standards). The NedPlan Suite offers government institutions and businesses in the NedGraphics database a solution to meet these standards.

Suitable for all organizations
The NedPlan Suite is available to all organizations, whether they produce plans, make minor modifications, or wish to independently create spatial planning tools in a later stage. The suite offers functionalities for creating, managing, monitoring, and publishing spatial plans.

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The NedGraphics vision is to create functionalities that adhere to the governing legislation and publish files on and develop plans that are accurate and complete.

Hennie Genee Manager Development - Government Hennie Genee

Advantages of NedPlan Suite

USP Complete solution

Complete solution

From essential productivity features to handy shortcuts: everything works together perfectly.

USP Dutch language

Dutch language

Applications in the NedPlan Suite were specifically designed for the Dutch market and are available in Dutch.

USP Professional support and helpdesk

Professional support and helpdesk

Our helpdesk staff are at your disposal and offer professional support. They will help you quickly find the best solution.

USP Connect to different CAD platforms

Connect to different CAD platforms

NedPlan Suite is compatible with AutoCAD Map, MicroStation, and IGOS. This allows you to create spatial plans in your own CAD environment.

USP Updates and additional functionalities

Updates and additional functionalities

We regularly publish updates and additional functionalities to better align NedPlan Suite to your needs.

USP Includes NedPlan process management functionality

Includes NedPlan process management functionality

NedPlan Suite includes the process management functionality. This gives you instant insight into the progress and status of your spatial plans and all modifications.


More than a collection of applications

The applications in our NedPlan Suite can be used together or standalone. They offer functionalities for creating, managing, monitoring, and publishing spatial plans.

Our NedPlan suite supports the entire RO process with clever tools such as a simple publishing wizard, a tailored word processor aimed at drafting plan texts, various import- and export possibilities and tools to gain insight into the progress and status of spatial plans and changes.

Our approach to optimizing your spatial planning standards processes

Knowledge creation and knowledge sharing

Knowledge creation and knowledge sharing

You will work with the experts at NedGraphics, and there should therefore be a click.

Start-up phase

Start-up phase

Together we evaluate which solution, or solutions, best suits your objectives.

Initiative phase

Initiative phase

We identify the entire project, the milestones, and the approach.

Implementation phase

Implementation phase

A step-by-step approach to implementing the most effective solution.

Maintenance and support phase

Maintenance and support phase

The process is ready, now it's time to get to work. Together with you.

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