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Specialists in geo-information technology

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You work on a daily basis to organize the space around us. The landscape, laws and regulations, and even social developments determine the course of your thoughts and your actions. Managing and sharing digital designs, data, and document flows plays a crucial role in your process.

Optimize your processes
At NedGraphics, we combine over 30 years of experience with geo-information technology together with document and data management, and we do this for various governments and businesses. We aim not only to optimize your processes, but also to improve your design results.

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As specialists in geo-information technology, we provide solutions for complex infrastructural and governmental issues.

Richard Goossens Managing Director - NedGraphics B.V. Richard Goossens

The digital map as a source of information

At NedGraphics, we develop software for designing, managing, and publishing digital drawings and maps that can often link to other data within your organization. For example, the digital map is an essential source of information – especially in relation to object management, the basic registration map, infrastructure, and spatial planning.

We also assist our customers with the digitization of complex workflows. To provide optimal support, we offer flexible standard solutions that are based on our more than 30 years of experience. This is how we ensure improved efficiency in your work process, and we also facilitate easy updates.

Experts with experience in your field of work

The market for spatial planning requires experience. We are well-versed in laws and regulations, but we also have in-depth knowledge of the structure within which municipalities and market parties work. All of this knowledge is also highly important to market parties.

Our services and products specifically target geo-information technology solutions for organizations, these include: governments, engineering and consulting firms, contractors, public utilities companies, surveying firms, and design firms.


Work with the best: Autodesk, Bentley, Transoft, and many others.

As we are the only Autodesk Platinum Partner in the Benelux region, you could certainly call us a specialist. We also provide software from leading companies like Bentley, Transoft, Orbit, and many other partners.

What's more, we develop custom solutions which include, among others, NedInfra, NedBRK, and TopoCAD. We implement all of the software ourselves, and we provide training so that you can make optimum use of each solution. Our experienced advisers and consultants are ready to assist you.

Our key figures

As Cadac Group subsidiary, the Cadac Group Holding provides financial reporting.


Your ideas and designs shape our environments

When designing our environment as a society, we seek optimum and efficient coordination on matters. We take the function of the landscape, the infrastructure, and the wishes and requirements of our society all into account.

NedGraphics' automation solutions help governments and governmental suppliers weigh up these options as well as possible. As a result, the creation, management, and sharing of the digital designs that shape our world is a simpler process. More importantly, the workflow is also better coordinated.

Responding to complex and changing work processes

Whether you work for the municipality, provincial government, water board, central government, or a semi-governmental agency, many policy decisions related to spatial planning are based on geo-information technology. Therefore, not only is your work extremely complex, but it's also highly variable.

NedGraphics' solutions help you, as a source holder, to create, register, and manage document flows and processes related to optimizing spatial developments. This not only saves you time, but it also helps you provide all parties with better insight into the frameworks for the objects and plans in, for example, the new BGT (Key Register Large-scale Topography) or the BRK Levering (digital file containing data from the land register database).


Entrepreneurs with more than 30 years of experience

NedGraphics began at the end of the seventies as a CAD/GIS supplier and has since developed into a specialist in Geo and Infra-Informal technology. We've grown into a market leader, delivering software to national governments, over half of all Dutch municipalities, and all the Dutch provinces.

We also provide private-sector solutions, frequently for governmental suppliers. Because of our extensive knowledge of and experience with the government, we know the exact factors that are crucial to aligning all the interests involved.
Within our portfolio, we also develop solutions for the aviation sector. We provide services in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa, as well as for major clients such as Eurocontrol and NavCanada.

NedGraphics solutions by industry NedGraphics solutions by industry

We develop at our own expense and risk - and often in very close collaboration with our users - software solutions to create, manage, and share field and design information.

Our product suites:

Aviation Suite

NedGraphics Aviation Solutions provides world class Aeronautical charting solutions and Training.

  • Geïntegreerd CAD/GIS-platform
  • Support voor ARINC 424 en AIXM standaarden
  • ICAO Annex 4 en Doc 8697 compliant en ISO 9001:2008 certified
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NedInwinning Suite

Solutions to optimize the collection of measurement data.

  • Efficient, integrated collection of data
  • Support various collection methods
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NedObjectenbeheer Suite

NedObjectenbeheer helps you optimize your geo-registration.

  • Management of objects registrations
  • Connects to the System of Basic Registrations
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NedPubliceer Suite

The applications in the NedPubliceer Suite give you updated and accurate information to provide excellent services to your colleagues, fellow citizens, institutions, and businesses.

  • Based on architecture standards
  • Time savings
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NedPlan Suite

NedPlan Suite helps to optimize your digital spatial planning process.

  • Connect to different CAD platforms
  • Updates and additional functionalities
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NedInfra Suite

Software for the civil and hydraulic engineering sectors.

  • Work with the 'Dutch standard CAD'
  • Widely used in the civil engineering sector
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We ARE society!

We began practising sustainability and corporate social responsibility as early as 2006. We're in business not only to make a profit, but also to take responsibility and meet the increasing demand for transparency from society and our stakeholders (such as employees, customers, shareholders, and suppliers). We realize that this requires our company to make constant adjustments and improvements. 

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Every day, we deal with issues that affect people's daily lives, and we're also highly aware of our impact on society.

Richard Goossens Algemeen Directeur - NedGraphics Richard Goossens

Social urgency

The social urgency for a more sustainable and social economy is increasing day by day. Things have to be done differently, and fortunately they can be. For us, corporate social responsibility essentially means translating major social issues into solutions and products with which businesses can still earn money: the people-planet-profit principle.

We develop products that allow governments and governmental suppliers to work more efficiently and effectively, which has a measurable positive impact on the ecological footprint of these organizations. We also critically examine our own work processes and purchasing policies. We clearly indicate our preference for local products and we address inefficiencies on all fronts.

Smart savings always pay off

We're aware of the fact that we, as a service company, can have a substantial impact on the environment. Among other things, this is caused by our building stock and emission of environmentally harmful gases as a result of carrying out our business and even from our staff commuting to work.

At NedGraphics, we aim to reduce our ecological footprint by, for example, saving on raw materials and energy. This includes considering and incorporating many, sometimes radically different, measures. These measures range from making greater use of digital supply and processing of information and services, to working remotely, and implementing more energy-saving measures, up to sponsoring the World Wide Fund for Nature.


Our organization


  • Richard Goossens

    Richard Goossens

    Managing Director

    NedGraphics B.V.

  • Garmt Zuidema

    Garmt Zuidema

    Sales Director

    NedGraphics B.V.

  • John Koolen

    John Koolen

    Manager Finance

    NedGraphics B.V.

  • Hennie Genee

    Hennie Genee

    Manager Development


  • Olivier Eizinga

    Olivier Eizinga

    Manager Projects & Support


Product Managers

  • Wouter Botman

    Wouter Botman

    Product Manager


  • Irena Dronjak

    Irena Dronjak

    Product Manager


  • Nick Kerkhof

    Nick Kerkhof

    Product Manager



  • Dirk van Loenen

    Dirk van Loenen

    Sales Manager


  • Theo Wiering

    Theo Wiering

    Account Manager


  • Wim Nanninga

    Wim Nanninga



  • Geert-Jan van Rooij

    Geert-Jan van Rooij

    Sales Manager


  • Stefan Oosters

    Stefan Oosters

    Account Manager


  • Rijk Wesselo

    Rijk Wesselo



  • Wil van de Berg

    Wil van de Berg



  • Martijn Schwering

    Martijn Schwering

    Business Consultant


  • Suzanne Scholte

    Suzanne Scholte

    Coördinator Marketing & Communicatie


Project Management

  • Karolina van Schrojenstein Lantman

    Karolina van Schrojenstein Lantman

    Project Manager


  • Bauke Kalisvaart

    Bauke Kalisvaart

    Project Manager


  • Richard van Huijssteeden

    Richard van Huijssteeden

    Project Manager


Autodesk Platinum Partner

By choosing Autodesk software, you are choosing a top product. By choosing Cadac Group, you are choosing one of the first and - at present - the only Platinum Partner of Autodesk in the Benelux region, and one of the twenty best partners of Autodesk worldwide, of whom only about a dozen are in Europe. This partnership is based partly on how our customers rate us. We continuously monitor client satisfaction because your feedback ensures that we can continuously improve in order to serve you even better.

Microsoft Gold Partner

You can build on sound technical and business expertise. It is with good reason that we are a Microsoft Partner with several gold and silver competencies.

  • Collaboration & Content

    De Microsoft Collaboration and Content Gold Competentie toont aan dat we sterk zijn in het ontwikkelen van oplossingen op basis van Microsoft SharePoint. We implementeren en ondersteunen. u beheert uw content efficiënter dan ooit.

  • Application & Development

    Met de Microsoft Application and Development Gold Competentie laten we zien dat we expertise hebben op het gebied van ontwikkelen en leveren van innovatieve toepassingen op de Microsoft platforms.

  • Learning

    Als Microsoft Partner voor Learning Solutions onderscheiden we ons van andere trainingsinstituten. Cadac Group biedt dan ook een uitgebreid aanbod Microsoft trainingen.

  • Cloud Accelerate

    Deze accreditatie is een erkenning van onze kennis en ervaring met cloud computing en implementaties van oplossingen gebaseerd op cloud diensten van Microsoft. Als Cadac Group zijn we een van de weinige Cloud Accelerate partners in Nedederland.

Other partners

NedGraphics is ISO 9001:2008 certified

NedGraphics has obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification for its Aviation activities. This demonstrates that NedGraphics operates an integral quality management system that ensures consistent services that meet the client's requirements and are compliant with relevant laws and regulations.

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The ISO certificate demonstrates to our clients and prospects that we take quality, customer satisfaction, and our business operations very seriously.

John Koolen Manager Finance - NedGraphics B.V. John Koolen

Standard for quality management

The official presentation of the certificate was preceded by a period of intense preparation and implementation of the necessary processes and procedures. NedGraphics has demonstrated that it has anchored the pursuit of continuous quality improvement in its organization.

ISO 9001: 2008 is the internationally accepted standard for quality management, a tool that helps an organization to achieve its objectives in terms of quality. The certificate is only awarded to companies with a proven ability to continually meet the needs of the customer and the quality described in the provision of products and services.

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Take advantage of proven experience

You can rely on more than 30 years of experience for the creation, management, and sharing of your digital design information. Our solutions link your design software to the technology for the management of the process and the sharing of documents.



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Our success is entirely thanks to all our clients who have put their trust in us and to the dedication and great efforts of our employees.

Richard Goossens Managing Director - NedGraphics B.V. Richard Goossens

We aim for perfection

Better service thanks to your feedback
To continuously improve in all areas and obtain regular feedback from clients about our services and service provision, we have standardized and professionalized our client satisfaction surveys. The feedback gives us the opportunity to better understand what our customers feel is important, and to serve them even better.

Top quality
Autodesk also measures the level of client satisfaction worldwide at Autodesk Partners. As a result of the high level of appreciation expressed via these surveys, Cadac Group was the only Autodesk Partner in the Benelux region to be promoted to the rank of Autodesk Platinum Partner in May 2013. This means that we deliver top quality at the highest level.

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At NedGraphics, client satisfaction, quality, and service are top priorities. Every day, we strive to optimize our services and service provision, and where necessary modify them to the wishes of our clients.

Richard Goossens Managing Director - NedGraphics B.V. Richard Goossens

98% satisfaction with our service

As Autodesk Platinum Partner, we also aim for perfection. This strong focus on achieving a higher level of client satisfaction is therefore bearing fruit.

As a result of the Autodesk client satisfaction surveys that took place during May 2015 and July 2015, it became clear that 98% of the clients surveyed were satisfied with our service. 23% gave us scores of seven or eight out of ten in various areas, and 75% actually gave us nothing but nines and tens!

Excellent Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a powerful indicator expressing clients' appreciation of our services. This score, on a scale from 0 to 100, indicates the extent to which clients recommend our products and services to others.

Cadac Group has set itself the goal of a minimum score of 56. On the basis of the surveys that took place between November 2014 and January 2015, a score of 72.9 was achieved. This is an achievement well above the average for the Benelux countries, northern Europe, and the EMEA region. In addition, the response rate was also exceptionally high compared with these regions. In other words, our clients have a greater willingness to assess us than is the case for other Autodesk partners in these regions.


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In your industry, you are constantly striving for greater efficiency, especially for the complex design processes in your field of expertise. In these cases, you want to rely on the market knowledge of industry experts. With us, you can benefit from more than 30 years of experience in creating, managing, and sharing your digital design information. Our solutions link your design software to the technology for the management of the process and the sharing of documents. This makes your design process faster and more efficient.

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