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One asset information view from multiple systems

Truly unique solution for owner operators
Viewport is a web-based viewer that connects data and documents in order to improve the efficiency, safety and compliance of your plant or facility. Implementing Viewport is very easy and requires little or no training. Get in touch with Cadac Australia today for a free quote or contact us for more information about Viewport.

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Viewport is a user-friendly solution that integrates your data and documents. Contact us today.

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Improve the efficiency, safety and compliance of your operations

Viewport has a proven track record of cutting costs, reducing risk and facilitating compliance. It’s a very innovative solution, using artificial intelligence, that integrates your data from office documents, CAD drawings, scans, pictures and more. Even legacy documents and drawings! Use Viewport to find relating tag numbers and easily identify incorrect information.

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Use Viewport for automatically scraping any P&ID tag

Viewport is an intelligent data scraping tool that understands human P&ID tag numbers. Using advanced techniques, Viewport is able to scrape any P&ID tag, even from scanned documents, such as TIFF and PDF files. It recognises shapes, equipment and P&ID tag numbers and exports it to an Excel sheet upon your request.

Find out more about Viewport today! We look forward to showing you how this data scraping tool will help your organisation digitising P&ID's and improving efficiency.

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Benefits of Viewport

USP One view to rule them all

One view to rule them all

Viewer with fully automated, clickable links to equipment information, drawings and documents.

USP Identifies tag number relationships

Identifies tag number relationships

Intelligent algorithms extract information from (legacy) documents and drawings.

USP Easy implementation

Easy implementation

Fully web-based and very easy to implement. Requires minimal training.


About Cadac Australia

Cadac Group is a proud supplier of Viewport in Australia. Apart from software solutions, Cadac Group offers consultancy and training solutions in the field of Architecture, Engineering and Construction, Manufacturing and Process, Power and Marine. Optimising complex design processes is Cadac Group’s core business. Cadac Group is a global organisation with an Australian office based in Sydney.  

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Digitisation is in full swing in the manufacturing industry, construction and government. The way you design, build and operate is changing radically. Our experts help you embrace this digital transformation. We enable you to enter a new phase of growth. So that you are ready for the future. Whatever it brings. 

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