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SharePoint Transmittal Management Software

Enhance collaboration and increase productivity
Capital project are complex and regulated. Without proper management they can face spiraling costs to deliver on time and with full compliance. To manage your capital project you need to manage your project and document transmittals.

Collaboration and control solution for capital projects
Without a way to control and audit the process of transmittal exchanges, projects can stall and risks can escalate as confusion mounts over who has been sent what version of a document, what has been approved, and how third parties have been involved in the process.

Document distributing without the hassle
With our SharePoint based transmittal management solution we help project-driven engineering industries in Australia by distributing multiple documents efficiently to multiple recipients at once and by offering management information to document controllers who need to track transmittals that have been sent.

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Our powerful transmittal solution for SharePoint allows for full traceability and response tracking of all project documents.

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Manage transmittals. Safe and Secure.

Transmittals are used to transfer the asset’s drawings, specifications, calculations and other information to internal departments, vendors, customers, or other stakeholder. Usually for review, comment, or approval purposes. It is also an official business record, forming the basis for many contractual decisions and results, and even determining liability in some situations.

In order to transfer documents to teams or stakeholders without access to the document control solution, we developed a powerful, SharePoint-based transmittal solution that allows users to send transmittals to external recipients or receive transmittals from external stakeholders.

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Reduce risk with transparent processes, reporting and auditing

Our SharePoint-based document transmittal solution automatically generates customizable transmittal cover sheets, as well as unique and customizable transmittal numbers. The solution also allows user to transmit files using different methods, ranging from file download by email to classical hard copy transmission.

With the integrated transmittal approach, our solution allows for full traceability of all documents, including incoming transmittals and outgoing transmittals, as well as all the required response tracking.

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Standardize capital project’s transmittals

Our Transmittal solution helps standardize and secure a complete and transparent lifecycle for a capital project’s transmittals, from creation and review to compliant auditing and retention. The solution’s process automation can be optimized for different requirements to maximize productivity and reduce costs.

Increase productivity with rapid transmittal processing

We enhance the document distribution process in SharePoint and offer advanced transmittal management functionality. Document controllers are supported with intuitive wizards to create document packages, distribution lists and transmittal definitions.

Transmittal letters are automatically generated for each recipient listing the documents and the transmittal reason. Tasks, for instance to approve or revise documents, can be specified for each recipient, and a deadline for these tasks can be set. Packages, distribution lists and transmittal definitions are stored and managed in SharePoint. If changes are made to documents or recipients, the related packages and distribution lists are automatically flagged ‘outdated’.

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