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Powerful document transmittal management in SharePoint

The innovative Sharepoint application Cadac Organice TaskForce helps project-driven engineering industries to control and audit the process of transmittal exchanges. You can easily add the Cadac Organice TaskForce application to your SharePoint ribbon and start creating and managing any document transmittal in the most efficient way. Learn more about Cadac Organice TaskForce today! Contact us for more information or a free demo. 

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Our powerful document transmittal application for SharePoint allows for full traceability and response tracking of all project documents.

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SharePoint transmittals are used to transfer the asset’s drawings, specifications, calculations and other information to internal departments, vendors, customers, or other stakeholder. Usually for review, comment, or approval purposes. It is also an official business record, forming the basis for many contractual decisions and results, and even determining liability in some situations.

In order to transfer documents to teams or stakeholders without access to the document control solution, we developed powerful, SharePoint-based document transmittal software that allows you to send transmittals to external recipients or receive transmittals from external stakeholders. In our free demo we will show you more about transmittal management and our document transmittal software.

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Creating a document transmittal with Cadac Organice TaskForce

A transmittal is an official business record, that includes document and project details, and refers to selected documents. You can use the Cadac Organice TaskForce application in SharePoint in order to create transmittals and ask internal and external parties to complete or reject a task. Find out more about this valuable and effective tool for engineering document management and control today!

Benefits of Cadac Organice TaskForce for your organisation

USP Distribute multiple documents efficiently

Distribute multiple documents efficiently

To multiple recipients at once

USP Transmit files using different methods

Transmit files using different methods

Ranging from file download by email to classical hard copy transmission

USP Automatically generate customisable transmittal cover sheets

Automatically generate customisable transmittal cover sheets

And unique and customisable transmittal numbers

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Learn how leading companies reduce risk and increase productivity with our powerful, SharePoint-based transmittal solution.

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Cadac Group is a proud supplier of SharePoint-based document transmittal management solutions in Australia. Apart from software solutions, Cadac Group offers consultancy and training solutions in the field of Architecture, Engineering and Construction, Manufacturing and Process, Power and Marine. Optimising complex design processes is Cadac Group’s core business. Cadac Group is a global organisation with an Australian office based in Sydney.


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