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Using SharePoint for Project Management

Get in control of your engineering projects
Project Management tools help getting your capital projects under control. A project is properly managed when its documents are fully under control. You want a clear project overview and the ability to zoom in on specific areas. With our SharePoint-based solution you can plan resources, make sure projects stays on schedule, and meet all your project deadlines.

Powerful SharePoint-based project management tools
Microsoft SharePoint is an amazing collaborative platform that can be easily configured to provide a more coordinated environment to track and manage a project with your team. Using standard SharePoint software to manage projects helps you bring all project information together in one collaborative environment. Our SharePoint-based tools, used by leading customers worldwide, add even more powerful features to monitor progress of your projects and meet all your deadlines.

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Easily monitor the progress of your projects and meet all your deadlines with our SharePoint Project Management software.

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Benefits of using SharePoint

Discover why leading customers all over the world use our SharePoint solution for capital Project Management

USP Efficient planning

Efficient planning

Plan tasks, activities, and milestones using SharePoint.

USP Powerful dashboards

Powerful dashboards

The simple and easy-to-use dashboard show critical tasks as well as individual task statuses.

USP Real-time progress reports

Real-time progress reports

Get access to progress reports at any time. There's no need to keep separate spreadsheets!

USP Flexible reports

Flexible reports

Generate a comprehensive project overview or a cross project overview with just one mouse click.

USP Secure & reliable

Secure & reliable

SharePoint allows secure access for your team members, inside or outside your company.

USP Extended export options

Extended export options

Export your reports quickly and easily in different file formats and send them to an e-mail address or printer.

Plan your projects in SharePoint

Manage your projects and plan tasks, activities, and milestones using the out-of-the-box Tasks List in SharePoint. Add dates, assignees, and build a simple work breakdown structure. An added bonus is that the SharePoint integrates quite nicely with Microsoft Project for the heavy lifting if needed.

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SharePoint for tracking projects

Using project status reports, you can easily communicate how the project is going to senior executives and other stakeholders. The standard SharePoint reports for Project Management include KPIs with nice indicators, showing very quickly where the project is at. And you even can add columns with your own commentary on what has been achieved, major accomplishments, issues, or planned next steps.

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Discover how leading customers all over the world get control of their projects

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SharePoint Progress Reporting for Project Management

We all know that missing critical deliverables can block the project's transition to the next phase. That's why it's important to identify potential bottlenecks at an early stage. With our SharePoint solution you can easily monitor the progress of engineering deliverables and vendor documents. It combines the transition in the document life cycle with a weighting factor that forms the basis for the progress report per document. These reports can be conveyed to a CTR (Cost, Time, Resources) document or a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) item.

Our Project Management software for SharePoint can follow a stage gate model, one of the most effective ways to manage capital projects. Each stage gate forms an important go/no-go decision for project owners, based on the status of the deliverables. This allows project managers to take timely action when needed!

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