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Enabling Digital. Cadac's motto and motive. Digitisation in the manufacturing industry, construction and the government continues to evolve and seems unstoppable. Someone who is aware of the latest trends and someone who also constantly innovates with this is an indispensable partner in these sectors. For years now, Cadac has been helping companies embrace the digital transformation and prepare for the future. Whatever it brings.

Our Cadac experts work every day to shape our Enabling Digital mission. As one of the most respected resellers of Autodesk products, we launched the first global online platform where we will connect Autodesk experts and customers. Cadac consultants and independent Autodesk experts can present themselves on this platform without having to perform a lot of administrative tasks. In this way, our customers can find suitable experts themselves and book them easily online.

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We are happy to let our experts benefit from our dynamic and strategic partnerships with technology leaders such as Autodesk and Microsoft.

Carolyn Bosma Community Manager - Cadac Group Holding Carolyn Bosma

Cadac Presents: Cadac Xperts

Connecting Autodesk supply and demand

The digital world needs real experts. Cadac Xperts is an online platform to efficiently connect supply and demand for Autodesk related knowledge. Our own consultants supplemented by freelancers. Digital, without a physical office and administration. All the experts on this platform are in charge of their own agenda. It gives them the opportunity to be closer to the customer, to take on more responsibilities, to generate extra income as a referral partner on software sales and to further develop themselves.

As an Autodesk Platinum Partner and Microsoft Preferred Supplier, we have a lot of advantages to offer our experts. If you are interested, we are happy to tell you more about the advantages!

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Advantages of the Cadac Xperts platform

USP Autodesk specialists in every industry

Autodesk specialists in every industry

Our experts specialise in a wide range of topics; from BIM to digitisation and everything in between.

USP Transparent collaboration

Transparent collaboration

Thanks to a fully transparent platform with CV, experience and specialism, our customers can find suitable experts themselves and book with clear agreements.

USP Knowledge on demand

Knowledge on demand

On this platform, independent experts can offer their services at any time and customers can easily book all experts 24/7.

USP Attractive work formula

Attractive work formula

The experts receive a significant percentage of the sales and can act as a referral partner when it comes to software sales, earning themselves an attractive fee on software sales.

USP Online platform

Online platform

The platform is completely digital, without physical offices and administration. All projects also include a Cadac payment guarantee. In this way, experts are always paid on time for all the work completed via Cadac Xperts.

USP Autodesk network

Autodesk network

We can give experts on the platform access to the Autodesk network such as OTC, OTx, AU and our own knowledge sessions. Cadac Xperts is also a great place to get in touch with renowned customers.

Expert platform as a growth model in the software industry

“We will start recruiting experienced Autodesk specialists from the Netherlands, Germany, England and Australia in March. Completely transparent with CV, ambitions, experience and specialism so that our customers and software buyers can decide who they want to hire”, says Jan Baggen, CEO Cadac Group.

We are also attractive to experts as an Autodesk Platinum Partner and Microsoft Preferred Supplier. We open doors that normally remain closed for the self-employed. Everyone benefits.

Visit Cadac Xperts

Cadac Xperts

Get to know our Cadac experts

Job van Hardeveld

Job van Hardeveld

Architectural Consultant
Speciality: Autodesk Revit

“Thanks to BIM, there are fewer construction errors, the lead time is shorter and builders work more efficiently.”

Autodesk Certifications
Architecture Certified Professional

Bjorn van Os

Bjorn van Os

Manufacturing Consultant
Speciality: Autodesk Inventor, Fusion 360

"Inventor has many hidden options. I am happy to help you take your 3D engineering designs, documentation and product simulations to the next level."

Autodesk Certifications
Inventor Certified Professional
Autodesk Fusion 360 Certified Professional

Marco Takx

Marco Takx

CAD/CAM Consultant
Speciality: Autodesk Fusion 360, Inventor HSM

“If you are also interested in Fusion 360 and/or Inventor HSM support for programming/drawing your products, please feel free to contact me.”

Autodesk Certifications
Autodesk Expert Elite

Robert Klempau

Robert Klempau

Senior Architectural Consultant
Speciality: Autodesk Revit, Revit MEP, Navisworks, BIM 360

"Thanks to powerful software tools and advanced techniques you work more efficiently and get better and more professional results."

Autodesk Certifications
Architecture Certified Professional
Mechanical Certified Professional
Autodesk Expert Elite 

If you are an Autodesk Expert and would like more information about the advantages of Cadac Xperts, please contact us!

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Digitisation is in full swing in the manufacturing industry, construction and government. The way you design, build and operate is changing radically. Our experts help you embrace this digital transformation. We enable you to enter a new phase of growth. So that you are ready for the future. Whatever it brings. 

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