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Enabling digital in Government

Our solutions support your work processes in creating, managing and sharing digital spatial information

Changing social circumstances are always a good reason for governments to reflect on their role, duties and working methods. With our knowledge of laws and regulations and work processes, we provide tailored products and services in the field of (geo-)information technology.

Keywords in the performance of the government's duties include: simpler, more efficient and more effectively. The 'Andere Overheid' (Modernising Government) action programme focused on creating a more powerful government that is decisive and puts society first. However, this requires continuous maintenance as with any organisation. The use of up-to-date and reliable digital spatial information is essential for this.

Whether you work for a municipality, province, water board, the national government or a semi-public institution. Many policy decisions relating to the physical environment are based on geo-information technology. Our solutions help you optimise your work processes when creating, managing and sharing spatial information.

Important trends & developments in the Government

Our solutions help you to intelligently create, manage and share digital spatial information.



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Entrepreneurs with more than 35 years of experience

NedGraphics started as a CAD/GIS supplier at the end of the 1970s and has subsequently developed into a specialist and market leader in the field of Geo and Infra Informal Technology.

The added value provided by NedGraphics is reflected in our knowledge-intensive advice across the full spectrum of geo-information: collection, registration, processing, storage, object modelling, distribution, access and presentation. NedGraphics also provides tailored software solutions and a complete package of services for project management, implementation, training, and workplace supervision. We also offer solutions to organisations in the private sector, which are often suppliers of the government.

NedGraphics aims to safeguard the continuity of its services and often enters into long-term relationships with its clients.


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